Daily newspaper for Empuriabrava / Roses / Costa Brava: The Alt Empordà leads the number of plasma donations for the treatment of Covid-19 patients

ALT EMPORDÀ / COSTA BRAVA / SPANISH: The Alt Empordà region shows a good dose of solidarity in these times of the pandemic. The appeal that the blood and tissue bank has made and is making to get plasma to treat patients with Covid-19 has been well received by around sixty donors in the area. These are people who have overcome the coronavirus and whose plasma is rich in Covid-19 antibodies. These defenses can help overcome the virus in current patients.

On the other hand, the so-called convalescence plasma is also the key to the clinical studies currently in progress. Cristina Valverde, who is responsible for promoting blood donation in Alt Empordà, explains that the county is the leader in the number of convalescent plasma donations. Valverde explains that “donations will be centralized in Vilafant, where there have been 49 donors and there are more in the county increasing the number to 60”.

However, the need for donors is very important because the antibodies against Covid-19 are decreasing and it is estimated that after four months the plasma would no longer be effective for patients with Covid-19. However, this plasma would have other medical uses as well. Be that as it may, the call for convalescent plasma continues. It is now necessary to increase these donations to help treat patients with the virus in hospitals at a time of high need.

The Blood and Tissue Bank is grateful for the cooperation of the City of Vilafant. A new central donation campaign for convalescent plasma is planned for April. Those who survived Covid-19 less than 3 months ago and more than 28 days ago and have no symptoms can donate plasma. To do this, you have to register on the website “donarsang.gencat.cat/plasmacovid19”. Women who have been pregnant and people who have had a blood transfusion in their lifetime cannot make this type of donation. Other antibodies present can cause problems with the direct transfusion of this plasma.

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