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As the presence of the Daile Theater troupe at the festival is not possible, one of the latest performances of the Daile Theater ”Silver liquid“, Directed by Paula Pļavniece in collaboration with the theater troupe” Kvadrifrons “, will be shown in video format on October 24 at the festival”Pre-premiere Festival“In Poland, the representatives of the theater informed.

Festiwal Prapremier has been running since 2002. This year the subtitle of the festival is “Asylum”. The current pandemic situation is contributing to a deeper reflection on the future of the world, which until now seemed constant and permanent to most people.

It was planned that the show could be played in person at the beginning of September, but due to the repeated outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe and stricter travel restrictions, it was decided to participate in the festival remotely – in video format. “Silver Liquid” will be shown at the festival in the original language with Polish subtitles.

Justine Kļava’s play “Silver Liquid” with a full look of black humor, political correctness and irony calls for addressing issues forgotten in the shadow of the pandemic, but no less important.

Have conservatives forgotten that they live in the twenty-first century? How do earthworms breed? And finally, what do same-sex couples and vampires have in common? These and other issues are addressed by six thirties, who are united by family, old friendship or first love ties, but are divided by cardinally opposing views in politics. One summer night, from sunset to sunrise, the company is preparing for a joint wedding party, but has no idea that the long-awaited and joyful event will turn into a brutal battle for the best possible value system.

Toms Veličko, Inita Sondore, Mārtiņš Upenieks, Niklāvs Kurpnieks, Alise Danovska, Andris Bulis, Emīls Gilučs, Ričards Murāns and Jānis Silavs take on the roles in the performance.

Upcoming dates when the performance will be shown in the Great Hall of Daile Theater: October 24, November 1 and December 5.

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