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Dagbladet experiences: – Agreement on revised national budget

Dagbladet is aware that the negotiating delegation from the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party on Monday night found agreement on a new revised national budget (RNB).

Negotiations were already significant in overtime.

The budget will now be anchored in the parliamentary groups tomorrow morning, but this is expected to go quickly.

NRK writes that the budget will be presented tomorrow. Dagbladet is also told that this is the plan, but it is emphasized that there may be unforeseen delays.

It was made ready for a press conference in the Storting tonight, in case the three parties should find agreement earlier.

Among the breakthroughs Dagbladet is aware that SV has received in the negotiations is a significant allocation in the development assistance field.

The government added up to spend 4 billion kroner in aid in Norway as a result of the influx of refugees from war-torn Ukraine.

As Dagbladet understands, SV has been able to renegotiate a large part of this.

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