DAGAMBA and Skyforger Join Forces for Unique Concert with AI and Classical Music

The compositions “Prelude to Artificial Intelligence”, “Carmina Burana” and “Paranoid Amadeus” were performed on stage together with the unique sound of the voices of the boys’ choir of Riga Cathedral, while Antonio Vivaldi’s opus “Ziema” was joined by the young violinist Daniils Bulajevs. Towards the end of the evening, the audience was greeted by another surprise – alongside the band “DAGAMBA”, the legendary Latvian folk metal band “Skyforger” also took the stage, playing together the song “Kad Ūsiņš jāj!”.

A special stage visual solution was also created for the concert – scenography made of sea cargo containers, multimedia screens and video projections. Just like in the band’s new album, where classics and values ​​that live through the centuries meet the modern and contemporary, the seemingly different were juxtaposed on stage.

“No matter how strange the new world is, we decided that we are ready for experiments – we have played with the possibilities of artificial intelligence ourselves and this time we decided to go even further, giving it space in our art as well, even reviving the image of JS Bach on the big Mežaparks stage! Seeing and hearing the audience’s unceasing standing ovation, it seems that every experiment that we have allowed ourselves to do tonight has been successful,” group member Dainis Tenis shared his thoughts after the concert.

2023-06-04 10:05:23
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