Daehan Land Trust·Serim Construction, officetel false advertisements… FTC correction order

[세종=뉴스핌] Reporter Min Gyeong-ha = Daehan Land Trust and Serim Construction Co., Ltd. sold officetels and made false or deceptive advertisements, and were caught by the fair authorities.

The Fair Trade Commission announced on the 2nd that it has decided to impose a corrective order on Daehan Land Trust and Serim Construction, which advertised fraudulently as if many officetels could be purchased with an investment of 100 million won.

Korea Land Trust is a trustee and implementer that performs loans, execution, and sales of funds. Serim Construction is a trustee who performs license and license work and payments. The sale in which the problem occurred is the sale of the’Kolon Lake View Officetel’ located in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do.

Seosan Kolon Lakeview Officetel pre-sale advertisement [사진=공정거래위원회] 2021.02.02 [email protected]

From November 2016 to February 2019, they advertised as’three for 100 million’ and’two for 100 million’ through banners, leaflets, and banners.

However, this amount was calculated randomly assuming conditions such as the mortgage loan ratio (70%) and refundable tax. The actual investment could be calculated differently depending on the qualifications, conditions, and rental business registration of the seller.

In addition, Korea Land Trust and Serim Construction have advertised through banners, leaflets, and banners with phrases such as’Lifetime Pension KRW 1 million per month’. It is pointed out that this is a deceptive advertisement that is only expected based on the surrounding market price.

The FTC decided to impose an order to prevent recurrence of the two companies’ deceptive advertising activities.

An official from the Fair Trade Commission said, “We plan to strengthen inspections in the future to prevent damage to consumers that may occur in the process of selling profitable real estate.”

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