Dadzīte wins silver in discus and gets Latvia’s first Paralympic medal in Tokyo | The news

Tokyo, Aug. 27, LETA. Athlete Diāna Dadzīte won silver in the disco competition at the Tokyo Paralympic Games on Friday, providing Latvia with the first prize.

The thistle, which started in the F55 health group, won silver in the sixth attempt when the gear was thrown at a distance of 25.02 meters. In the previous attempt, Dadzīte moved the disc 97 centimeters closer, reaching two personal records in a row at the end of the competition.

Dadzīte started the competition with a throw of 23.01 meters, followed by broadcasts of 23.40, 22.31 and 23.10 meters.

The victory was celebrated by the Chinese Feiji Donga, who threw the disc 26.64 meters away and reached a new Asian record. Bronze medal with a result of 24.11 meters for Mexican Rose Maria Kazares Gerero.

11 athletes took part in the final throwing competition, of which Natalia Chebakova, a representative of the team of the Russian Olympic Committee, was left without a result.

On Friday, the start of the Tokyo Paralympic Games at 9 am Latvian time is planned for the participant of the riding competition Rihards Snikums, but at 13.10 Baiba Rorbach will start in the throwing sector.

On Saturday, Latvian athletes will not start at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

The Latvian team will be represented by Aigars Apinis for the sixth time, Diāna Dadzīte will throw a spear for the second time in her second Paralympic Games. Edgars Bergs will start the shot in the ball for the fourth time, but Baiba Rorbach will take part in the Paralympic Games for the first time, who will start in the disc throwing discipline. Rihards Snikus will take part in the ride for the third time, but for his horse it will be the second Paralympic Games.

Latvia will be represented by Jurijs Semjonovs, who will participate in the Paralympic Games for the first time, but Ieva Melle has been announced in archery.

Latvian athletes will be supported by coaches and assistants Aldis Šūpulnieks, Gunta Ozoliņa, Ināra Aperāne, Maija Ukstiņa, Daria Tikhomirova and Agnese Rozīte and Haralds Lučkovskis. The sports doctor will be Sandra Rozenštoka and physiotherapist Signe Rinkule.

The head of the Latvian delegation is Zane Skujiņa.

This is the eighth summer Paralympic Games after the restoration of Latvia’s independence, in which domestic athletes will participate.

In total, this year’s Tokyo Paralympic Games program includes 22 sports – archery, badminton, bocce, canoeing, cycling, paralympic riding, football, golf, table tennis, taekwondo, judo, powerlifting, rowing, shooting, volleyball, swimming, , trolley fencing, trolley rugby, as well as trolley tennis.

The Paralympic Games in Tokyo will take place from August 24 to September 5.


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