Dadang Aremania Highlighted by netizens, this is the explanation of Najwa’s eye


No Dadang suddenly trending on Twitter. His controversial statement on the show Mata Najwa be in the spotlight of netizens. Mata Najwa’s party also provided clarification via Instagram.

As reported, this trend is related to a supporter named Dadang, Aremania’s representative at the Mata Najwa event on YouTube discussing the Kanjuruhan tragedy and supporters’ reconciliation. Especially after Dadang replied to the Bonek frontman who represented Persebaya supporters and wanted to come to Malang.

Well, Dadang seemed to refuse. “In advance I apologize to Cak Andi, without reducing the respect. If the match is not against Persebaya we welcome it, but this is against Persebaya, we do not want there to be any kind of friction that is not at the Green North level. , the friction is different at that level, “a statement said.


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He said he didn’t want fan friction. Then, he also asked that he be given 40 days to face the mourning period and take care of everything. Such statements have some netizens at odds, especially in the midst of peace efforts among supporters.

“At this age, I was ashamed to be a Malang person. Because of my lips,” wrote Bayu Skak, a YouTuber who is now famous as a movie star. Quite a few other network users have made similar claims.

The following is Mata Najwa’s statement posted on their official Instagram. It was also claimed that Dadang apologized for his statement to Mata Najwa:

Many are wondering who Dadang Indarto? Here’s the story:

1. Aremania is not an organization. There is no administrator. There is no president or spokesperson. It is quite difficult to find an official representative, especially since the situation in the grandstand is dynamic and sometimes varied.

2. The choice is Sam Yuli Sumpil. Not just a measure of popularity, but also because he was the conductor. In the stadium, the conductor can influence the rhythm of the stands. But Sam Yuli couldn’t go to Jakarta. He admitted that he is still devastated and that he still needs a lot of gratitude. Sam Yuli was crying while we were talking on video call (Wednesday, 10.45am). We offer the option via Zoom, Sam Yuli said she is not ready yet. We respect her attitude.

3. During the video call, Sam Yuli was accompanied by Dadang Indarto. We asked who was he replacing? What is Dadang? Sam Yuli agreed.

4. We don’t accept Dadang without checking. The first thing to check is Dadang’s attitude towards Mata Najwa’s point of view: to investigate thoroughly and make peace. During the conversation [semacam pre-interview], the claim is worthy. He is clearly asking for justice. Regarding peace, he would say something like this: “Whenever Bonek wants to pay homage, please. Without even mentioning peace, Bonek is grateful and accepted, it’s a concrete peaceful act. Green Nordz27 was safe in Kanjuruhan, really.”

5. As it is not well known outside of Malang, we checked again, making sure it was indeed Aremania. His name has appeared in many news reports as a witness to the Kanjuruhan incident: he was at the stadium. He has appeared in many victim defense reports and was even present with Kontras activist Andy Irfan. Our team came during the presidential conference for the formation of the Arema Fact-Finding Team, and Dadang sat next to Sam Yuli with the others, including Sam Ambon Fanda. Dadang speak for them too.

6. Final check: is an Aremania active in the stands or not? After the check, he was in fact active in the stands, and precisely in the south stand, door 12 to be exact.

Mata Najwa’s editorial stance clearly supports the thorough investigation into the Kanjuruhan incident. We consider peace to be absolutely achieved. This episode of Mata Najwa actually wants to encourage those two things because they’re in the same package. We are with those who want peace and justice.

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Watch videos”The atmosphere of the command post of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy Crisis Center in the city of Malang
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