Dada was banned for birthdays, now also for holidays –

As is well known, Felix Slováček (79) is always happy when there is an opportunity to celebrate, and that is definitely a birthday. The musician decided to celebrate his last “seven” birthday in style, and in addition to his children, there were also a number of celebrities. But someone didn’t come to the birthday party. Felix’s wife Dada Patrasova (66) did not receive the invitation. Due to the events of recent days, she even got a strict ban on going to the party.

Fear of participation

Saxophonist Felix Slováček he likes social events, so it is no wonder that on the occasion of his 79th birthday, he organized a proper celebration, which included a number of guests who have their place in the heart of a famous musician. “I wanted to have a party like this, a party where I would invite all my acquaintances and friends I love,” Felix told what birthday present made him the happiest. “I believe they weren’t put off by this weather or the various bullshit about me, so I believe everyone will arrive, and that will please me the most.” added the celebrant.

By the “bullshit” around his person, Felix Slováček had in mind the events that preceded the celebration and happened on his birthday, when wife of the famous saxophonist Dáda Patrasová crashed a she refused to undergo a breath test for the police. “It could have shown things in the wrong light, and maybe someone wouldn’t have come for it.” Slováček confided his fears. Fortunately, his bad premonitions did not come true, and the famous musician was very pleased with how many congratulators came to congratulate him.

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Felix Slováček was most pleased, of course, that his children did not miss his birthday party. “I have all my children here and that’s enough for me,” he said cheerfully. Still, there was someone who didn’t show up that night: Dada was missing from the guests. “We have agreed that it will be better if he does not come today,” said Slováček. “It would ruin my whole evening,” he added vigorously, and it was clear that his patience was not infinite. She could not attend the celebration either Slováček’s youngest daughter Aničkabut unlike Patras, she definitely did not get an entry ban.

Dad has a fight

“Basically nothing happened. A few broken plastics. No one’s hurt, she’s healthy, me too …” said the musician, what actually happened on his birthday. About whether he wanted Dada to stop drinking, but he didn’t want to talk at all. He only stated that he definitely did not plan to celebrate with his wife. He also plans to go on holiday only in the company of his children, where they will have a private celebration. “No, Dad won’t be there. Anicka, Felix and my two grandchildren will be coming.”

Even on the day of his birthday party, Felix is ​​already making plans to celebrate his 80th birthday next year. Such an important jubilee of life deserves an even bigger party. “I even have an appointment for Lucerne next year, on May 23, 2023,” Slováček boasted, who definitely leaves nothing to chance and is planning a big concert on the day of his logs. “I think I’ll appeal to all those who are still alive, because when I compare it to a concert that was when I was seventy or seventy-five, unfortunately, not many people have been here since.” said one of the most important Czech musicians. “I’m sorry, but I believe I’ll live to see it,” he added.

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