Dáda Patrasová described the return to Slováček: My soul…

Dáda Patrasová and Felix Slováček

Source: Profimedia

Not quite like two doves yet, but still with smiles on their faces and in a good mood, the couple who have been washing a lot of money, Felix Slováček and Dáda Patrasová, arrived recently at a social event in the Municipal House. While the male half of the couple took care of the musical accompaniment of the event, the female took a moment to talk to kafe.cz.

“The relationship things that have happened, and as you say, have been widely disputed in the media, are gone, but they will probably never be forgotten. What a person has experienced, experienced and enjoyed for several decades alongside the other is currently only a memory, but not one that would fall completely into oblivion, whether it is bad or good, “Dada confided.

Many couples must have been through something like you. But people get together and break up, some manage to get back to work, others don’t. What decided for you that the bad thing was erased?

“You know, if we hated each other, we would never meet again. Despite Felix’s escapade, we still love each other. It’s just that we probably really belong together. After several years of his relationship with Mrs. Gelem, there must have been a peek, awakening and awakening. We were together quite often during his relationship. It wasn’t like we were completely separated, my husband went home and we saw each other, “Patrasová added.

Dad and Felix have a harmonious period
Source: Profimedia

It’s nice that you’ve seen each other despite Felix’s extramarital affair, but don’t say that’s enough for you. It is something else to meet from time to time, but what a person has in him, that is, the soul, must have suffered a lot. Or was it different?

“It simply came to our notice then. The soul really suffered, but the soul is healing now. And we’re both trying to heal ourselves, and it seems to be working well. We go to the company together, we would like to go to the sea, for example, but we will see what happens to the health covid situation in our country and in the world, but we are simply trying to return to the times when it was just good. Personally, I’m looking forward to embracing my little audience and fans, we sing and dance together in a show, and Felix will continue to do what he can and he does great, that is, in concert performances. These are our plans for the near future, which we are very much looking forward to, “added Dáda Patrasová, and since her husband put down the clarinet after his performance, they went to see the attractive exhibition of the artist Roman Řehák, which they met.

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