Dacia Jogger will also offer a camping version, which may be introduced soon

The hybrid MPV and crossover is currently available in five-door and seven-door versions, but is also expected in a travel version in the future.

Lionel Jaillet, Dacia’s vice president of products, told British colleagues at Auto Express that the carmaker was already working on a camping version of the Jogger, which could soon be unveiled.

The Dacia brand is said to want to offer more customers who want outdoor activities. And it is the Jogger model that should offer the right spirit for this use, as Jaillet told Auto Express.

The project is still in development, so it is not clear whether the carmaker will offer a separate camping version or only a camping installation as one of the accessory items. After the first meetings with the car, however, we would bet on the second option.

The spacious cabin of the Jogger clearly calls for a simple residential installation, which we could try, for example, at camping version Mini Countryman SD ALL4. Unlike the Mini, however, the cabin could offer enough space for comfortable sleeping even without installing a roof tent. The equipment would not have a small kitchen with stove, refrigerator, running water and storage space.

Recall that the Dacie Jogger luggage compartment offers a volume of 160 liters in the seven-seater version, after folding the seats in the third row, the volume is 565 liters and after folding the second row seats and removing the third row seats, the luggage compartment is up to 1819 liters (VDA values). The length of the loading area should be around 1487 mm, but by moving and folding the front seats, it will certainly gain even more space.

By introducing a residential version, or at least a built-in, Dacia could take advantage of the high popularity of this trend among customers. However, with regard to the possibilities and prices of the Jogger model, we are sure that those interested will have to wait. It can be assumed that the interest in this car will be huge even without a built-in.

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