Dacia Duster supremacy, threatened by another Renault car: you wouldn’t expect it

In recent years, Dacia has managed to make waves globally through a series of affordable cars, with a very good price / performance ratio. Now, however, Renault seems to have shifted its focus to another brand in the group.

Lada is another important brand of the Renault group. Even though Russian cars are no longer as popular in Romania, the car giant in Putin’s country has big plans for the coming years, starting with a very attractive alternative for Dacia Duster. The new SUV will have its roots in the classic Lada Niva, from a few decades ago.

Lada Niva, the most impressive alternative for Dacia Duster

After a hiatus of about four decades, Lada Niva will return to the Russian manufacturer’s offices. If all goes well, the future car should be on the road from 2024. It will be based on the same modular platform as the Dacia Duster 3, entitled CMF-B. Most likely, however, the Niva will have a significantly more futuristic, more imposing design than the Romanian SUV.

As reference, Dacia and Lada are two brands operating under the Renault group and, at least in theory, are trying to bring affordable cars on the roads, cheaper than the market average. Apparently, this promise will remain valid for the future Lada Niva SUV.

In terms of construction, Niva will have a five-door body, will be available in a hybrid version and, at the base, will have several features in common with the 4 × 4 Vision concept presented in 2018 in Moscow. Slightly square, with an angular design and a high ground clearance, it will share some features with the first generation of Niva launched in 1977.

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All in all, Lada Niva will be a car meant to take your breath away and give you a sense of adventure. At the back, it will have a set of LED taillights arranged horizontally together with a robust spoiler. If all goes well, by 2025, it seems that Niva will be able to be purchased in a seven-seater version. In the first phase, the engine used will be a petrol one from Renault, type 1.3 TCe with 12V mild-hybrid technology. Full-hybrid and plug-in hybrid configurations will also be available, accordingly Autoblog.it.

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