Dacia Duster from Prior Design live for the first time. How do you like the wide bodykit?

We have known about the set of styling accessories for Dacia Duster from the workshop of the German company Prior Design for more than a year. Now we can finally see the widebody kit in real life.

The company published the first pictures of the real car and also published a video on its YouTube channel, which also shows some details. However, representatives of the well-known modifier point out that the form is still not final and that they still want to focus on better “fitting” of the wheels into wide wheel arches with fender extensions.

Otherwise, we see all the parts that Prior Design already offers to customers on the car. The Widebody Aero-Kit for the Dacia Duster includes a front spoiler, extended front and rear fender trims, sill extensions, a rear diffuser and a roof spoiler. All parts should be made of Dura-Flex fiberglass, which supposedly promises a great surface structure, flexibility, stability and easy painting.

However, Prior Design also attracts simple, undemanding and cheap assembly. Even the price of the bodykit itself is not purely astronomical. The basic set in Germany costs 2,999 euros, which is about 73,100 CZK. It is then possible to purchase a roof spoiler separately, extending the roof line, which costs 299 euros, ie about 7,300 crowns.

But there is one catch, or rather a warning. After installing the components from this styling package, you will not get as sharp-looking a car as the Prior Design kit presents. You will have to buy new discs, new tires and have the exhaust system and probably the chassis modified so that the new wheels do not “fit” in the underbody.

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