DACIA Duster 3: The Official Announcement that SURPRISED A LOT OF WORLD

DACIA Duster 3 is the next very important generation of SUVs that DACIA is currently working on, and the expectations are, of course, very high in terms of its launch. Until then, DACIA has officially announced Duster 2022, a special version of Duster 2021, all as an attempt to boost sales until DACIA Duster 3 is officially launched in markets around the world. .

DACIA Duster 3 is currently in full development at DACIA, the next generation being scheduled, at least for now, for a launch in 2023 or 2024, no one knows for sure yet. Until then, DACIA is trying to keep the old generation of Duster in people’s attention, so they announced a new version of the facelift, which will be launched in 2022, maybe a year before DACIA Duster 3 will be launched on market.

DACIA Duster 3: The Official Announcement that SURPRISED A LOT OF WORLD

DACIA Duster 3 will come over 10 years from the moment when the current generation of Romanian SUVs was launched, an extremely long period of time for a series of cars, no matter what manufacturer we are talking about. DACIA seems to be eager to entertain people with special versions of the facelift, at least until DACIA Duster 3 is officially ready to be presented, and this presentation could be rushed.

DACIA Duster 3 has been officially confirmed for years to come, but without a date set 100% safe for launch, with DACIA leaving room for a possible rush to launch the new SUV. The sales of the current models are at the center of a decision for the faster launch of DACIA Duster 3, and as things stand, it is not excluded to see the car launched earlier in 2023 than later, at least in a presentation event.

DACIA Duster 3 would arrive in dealerships in 2024, if we take into account the statements made so far by DACIA, but it is not excluded that we can see the cars in dealerships by the end of 2023.


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