Dacia Dokker Yevana is a stylish apartment house that will not ruin you

The Spanish company Yevana proves that even on the floor plan of the relatively small Dacie Dokker, a very pleasant and stylish apartment building can be created.

Traveling on its own axis has returned to fashion in recent years, to which countless manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans have responded. One of them is also the Spanish company Yevana, whose remodeling compact Dacie Dokker offers comfort, elegance and practicality at a reasonable price.

For a price of 9,750 euros (approx. 241,900 CZK), including tax and “legalization” of the entire building, customers receive a stylish residential module, which does not lack anything important. The construction is made of an aluminum frame, on which there is a 15 mm thick poplar plywood with lamination. The installation is completely insulated and can also have one color or a two-color combination.

There are also drawers with a soft closing system or with a gas strut for easier opening. In the ceiling there is a two-way fan with adjustable speed and thermostat, heating is an optional element for an additional fee and is solved by a gas unit – again with a thermostat and digital programming.

The lighting is completely solved by LED technology and is divided into 3 segments: side exterior, rear exterior and interior. The installation is designed so that the crew can use access through both the rear and side doors.

At the back we find a compact compressor refrigerator with the ability to cool down to -10 ° C or a stainless steel sink with a tilting faucet. However, the distribution of water, which is stored in a canister with a volume of 32 liters, also allows the connection of an external shower.

In the door on the right side there is a small gas stove, around which there is storage space for kitchen equipment. However, there is also a folding table for dining for two. The left door then allows access to two seats, after which the sleeping space can be created at the rear.

As in other residential conversions, there is also a folding bed frame, made of 15 mm thick birch wood. There is a three-part mattress with a thickness of 70 mm, which should offer decent comfort. With a bed size of 1.95×1.1 meters, two people should sleep quite comfortably here. The shading of the cabin is solved by PVC foils with magnets.

The 100Ah AGM battery with a 30A DC-DC converter also promises enough comfort on the road. On the roof is a monocrystalline solar panel with a power of 110W on an aluminum frame, which is adapted to the shape of the roof. In particular, USB sockets are ready on board.

For an additional fee, however, the car can also be equipped with an external 230V socket with battery charging, laminated glass with solar protection, cruise control, premium upholstery, parking assistants or a two-zone awning.

The car itself, which the customer can bring – or entrust his choice to the company – can also be equipped with preparation for tackling light terrain. As part of the modifications, the car may receive a raised chassis, off-road tires or chassis protection. However, the offer also includes car painting or installation of cast wheels.

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With the prices used by Dacia Dokker on the Spanish market and the basic configuration of the entire installation, it should be possible to obtain a fairly stylish and especially practical motorhome for as little as half a million crowns. And whoever has their own car can travel comfortably even cheaper.

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