Dace Pecolli drastically changes her position towards Aigars of “Lauku sētas”

On the third evening of the entertaining culinary show “Almost Perfect Dinner”, this week’s variegated company was hosted by the attractive event manager, passionate surfer and world traveler Mārtiņš Kapzems, and the evening turned out to be full of surprises.

Mārtiņš welcomed his new friends – TV presenter Aija Selga-Brikmanis, winner of the show “Lauku sēta” and magician Daci Pecolli – to her apartment, where she lives with her bride Jūlija and dog girls Vaiperis and Megija.

As this was the third time of the meeting, the host already knew the whims of the guests – Aija does not eat meat, but Aigars does not live anything in the water, while Dace has a special ability to feel whether the food is prepared with love.

Read here how the first night with Aigars went, bet here – how the meeting from Aija went.

According to Dace, Mārtiņš could be inspired in the kitchen, but not too much: “He starts inspiring, but he does not have the patience to marinate, to cook. He could be so artistic – even if something falls to the ground, it’s nothing. ”

Knowing that yesterday promised to be with a breakout, Aigars and Dace had spared dinner. Arriving at Mārtiņš, the hunger was great, but the host did not rush to sit down at the table. The magician took the situation into her own hands and, realizing that there would be nothing to eat, suggested that everyone put a toy in front of the dog as a first course. “There seemed to be something to eat,” Dace explained.

She also made no secret of the fact that the host seemed to focus on getting angry, not on clearing the table where the guests were already waiting for a snack. “We barely squeezed water out of him,” Dace admitted.

Finally, the first dish was brought to the table – a cocktail of blended cucumbers and avocados. However, Mārtiņš also made the guests thoroughly wait for the main meal. “Knowing how it was for me, it seems that he has just come from the store, that we have come together,” said Aigars.

Although Mārtiņš justified that he wanted to bring the food to the table quite fresh and just from the stove, the long wait did not go to Dace’s heart either: “I even forgot for a moment where I came and why. Because the landlord had not taken care of it. I had to save the situation and start entertaining the guests. ”

With the words “good comes with waiting” After an hour and a half, Mārtiņš presented the guests with shrimps, which were served together with tomatoes, greens and burrata cheese, and Dace did not hide: the long wait was worth it, because the food was not only beautiful, delicious, but also prepared with love.

The main course turned out to be so tasty that the quartet did not have much conversation while enjoying it, and Aigars suggested that Mārtiņš tell us what the relationship between tomatoes and romance was. “I think more important than romance is good sex,” Dace said shyly, and Aigars echoed, “And at that moment, my girl would say, ‘Right!’

“I know what it means when these two energies are connected in a moment of sex, that energy pyrotechnics take place in the universe. You see and feel him physically. We both start crying from the fact that we have both felt the pyrotechnics and that it is something so magical. It may be even more effective than surprising with flowers, ”shared Dace, who has been happily married for 25 years.

From conversations about intimate life to entertainment, and Mārtiņš handed out to the guests a small canvas, on which everyone with colors should put feelings about what they have experienced together so far. And this was the right moment when Dace came up with the revelation about Aigars, making it clear that thoughts about the man had changed a lot since the first meeting.

“Aigariņ, you have won points this time. I put you down at first. I think you are a very simple jacket, the towel was not laid out… ”Dace addressed the star of“ Lauku sēta ”. “As I told Aigars today, he’s like an onion – layer by layer, and look!”

“Despite the fact that she is drastic, maybe she is disgusting at other times, talking to her face to face, she is actually a lazy person,” Aigars also changed his initial thoughts about Daci to the right.

Holding the strategy to the end, Mārtiņš’s new friends also had to wait for dessert, so the guests had no choice but to continue to get to know each other even closer.

Finally, there was a sweet dish – cottage cheese scones, with which Mārtiņš pampered his bride Jūlija, who was convicted together with berries. The additive in Dace aroused curiosity as to whether the company’s strong members had put berries on the bodies of their friends at least once in their lives and then convicted them. As it turned out, this experiment is still ahead for both gentlemen.

The guests scored the third evening with 25 points – Mārtiņš from Dace and Aigars received eight points each, and from Aija – nine.


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