D-Day 1 Jan ’19! Half per person, Phase 2 start using the first time, get 3,500 baht through the Tao

People get the right for half. Phase 2 Prepare to receive 3,500 baht, start spending the first time through the application on the bag on January 1, ’21.

After the government opened the website www. half each. com For the public to register for each half of the project, phase 2, the contest is 3,500 baht, set 5 million rights on December 16, 2020 at 6:00 AM the past. Those who get the rights after registering to join the project will receive an SMS confirming their rights and stating that they must exercise their rights for the first time within 14 days with details on the specified date and time.

For half the exercise of the rights for Phase 2, the government has set to start spending the first time from January 1 to March 31, 64, where the government will pay with the public sector 50:50 but not pay a day. More than 150 baht when shopping at any participating hawker stalls, except lottery, Service, tobacco and alcohol

For those who have the right to the project, half of the first phase, they can press the button to confirm, join the project, continue in the app, then receive an additional 500 baht. Start spending on the same day, January 1. – 31 March ’21

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