Czechia – Switzerland 4: 3 PP, Czech euphoria! The floorball players are celebrating world bronze after a great turnaround

The Czechs won the fourth precious metal at the 13th World Championships after silver in 2004 from Zurich and Kloten and bronzes 11 years ago in Helsinki and in 2014 in Sweden.

Compared to Friday’s semifinal with Finland (2: 3), Matěj Havlas replaced Mikuláš Krbec in the third attack in the Czech team. Paolo Riedi, who got ahead of Lukáš Bauer himself, had the first chance in the middle of the opening period, but failed with a backhand ending.

Photo: Czech floorball / Barbora Reichová, ČTK

Swiss goalkeeper Pascal Meier and Filip Langer from the Czech Republic.Photo: Czech floorball / Barbora Reichová, CTK

At 12:05, Kettunen’s team opened the scoring. Stefan Hutzli lost the balloon, Marek Beneš presented it to Josef Rýpar, who ended the nine-match goal fast in the exposed goal and gave the jubilee 20th shot in the 46th match. The Swiss responded in the 17th minute, when Christoph Camenisch, an uncovered finish, ended the quick combination after Nicola Bischofberger’s pass.

Langer did not turn a penalty shot

In the 19th minute, Rýpar went to pike, but the Czechs defended themselves and were still able to regain the lead in the weakening. Marek Beneš fouled Luca Graf after a break in the chance, but Filip Langer did not change the ordered penalty shot.

The Swiss created a number of dangerous situations and Bauer resisted until the 33rd minute, when he still managed to finish Michael Schiess, but Manuel Maurer’s attempt knocked Jiří Best into his own goal. Captain Tom Ondrušek or Martin Kisugite could answer, but they failed.

Photo: Czech floorball / Martin Flousek, CTK

From left: Matěj Havlas from the Czech Republic and Tim Braillard from Switzerland.Photo: Czech floorball / Martin Flousek, CTK

At the beginning of the third period, Jan Zaugg threatened twice and by 41:15 the Swiss had already increased. Jan Bürki from the left side of the mantinel hit exactly the upper corner of Bauer’s goal. In the 47th minute, the Swiss goalkeeper covered the blow of Ondřej Němeček, but he did not reach Havlas’ shot a moment later.

Riedi and Maurer did not take the chance to insure the Swiss lead. During the power play 92 seconds before the end, after Beneška’s pass, Marek Beneš equalized with his seventh goal in the tournament.

In the overtime, Bauer caught Zaugg’s chance, on the other hand, Adam Delong threatened first and finally decided after the action of Marek Beneš with an accurate shot to the right Langer pole.

Floorball World Championships in Helsinki:
Finland – Sweden 4: 6 (2: 0, 0: 3, 2: 3)
Goals and recordings: 2. J. Kainulainen (Stenfors), 10. Salin (S. Johansson), 51. J. Kainulainen (Kivilehto), 53. J. Kainulainen (Leikkanen) – 25. Enström (Backby), 28. K Nilsson, 35. Nordgren (Haglund), 51. Sjögren (Nilsberth), 59. T. Gustafsson (Ahrén), 60. Ahrén (Edling). Judges: Wehinger, Zurbuchen (both Swiss). Exclusion: 1: 1. No use. Attendance: 12,508.
3rd place:
Czech Republic – Switzerland 4: 3 in overtime (1: 1, 0: 1, 2: 1 – 1: 0)
Goals and recordings: 13. Rýpar (Marek Beneš), 47. Havlas (Němeček), 59. Marek Beneš (Ondrušek), 65. Langer (Marek Beneš) – 17. Camenisch (Bischofberger), 33. own Besta, 42. Bürki (Schiess). Judges: Söderman, Boström (both Swedes). Exclusion: 1: 0. No use. Attendance: 10,065.
Czech Republic: Bauer – Němeček, Vítovec, Gruber, Besta, Punčochář, Kisugite – Rýpar, Langer, Marek Beneš – Ondrušek, Šindler, Delong – Hemerka, F. Forman, Havlas – D. Šimek. Coach: Petri Kettunen.
Švýcarsko: P. Meier – Bischofberger, Camenisch, Bürki, Conrad, Graf, Heller – Zaugg, Mendelin, Ch. Meier – Maurer, Hutzli, Schiess – Laely, Riedi, Braillard. Trenér. David Jansson.
5th place:
Latvia – Norway 4: 2 (0: 0, 3: 0, 1: 2)
Goals: 23. Jurševskis, 34. Kovalevskis, 35. Kruminš, 59. Trekše – 52. Olesen, 53. Lindqvist.
7th place:
Slovakia – Estonia 8: 7 in overtime (3: 1, 3: 3, 1: 3 – 1: 0)
Goals: 14. and 28. Kvasnica, 7. Gál, 19. Pažák, 32. Cvacho, 40. L. Ujhelyi, 43. Grich, 62. Dudovič – 12., 55. and 57. Kasenurm, 23. and 52. Dahlberg, 21. Kareliusson, 27. Okruzko.


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