Czech work dazzled Los Angeles. The light from Šenov shines at the airport

The technically demanding installation was already designed by glassmakers from Kamenický Šenov to last in a seismically active area. Withstands an earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale.

“This is the first time we have had to declare and prove with laboratory tests how the luminaire will behave when the earthquake rate rises,” said Lucie Karlová, director of the Preciosa Lighting division and co-owner of the Preciosa group, some time ago at SZ Business.

The installations as well as the design of the entire building are inspired by the ocean. The shimmering waves of the seventeen-meter-high Crystal Swell lamp pass through three floors.

Lighting for Los Angeles International Airport

The design of the luminaire consists of cut crystal prisms attached to a polished stainless steel frame.

LED strips give the installation the possibility of impressive lighting effects.

The airport’s operational team was trained to set up dynamic lighting scenes to respond to local and global events.

Weight: 4,000 kilograms.

Total length of crystal ribbons: 65 meters.

Earthquake resistance according to the Richter scale: 7 degrees.

“We knew this space would be an imaginary gateway to all visitors, which is why we stood for something truly dynamic, even dramatic,” said Brent Kelley, aerospace architecture manager at Corgan Studios, a company with a number of award-winning architectural and design projects. “We were looking for a visually appealing solution, something that would captivate passengers at first sight,” he adds.

Several specialized teams collaborated on the complete development and construction.

“Unexpectedly challenging was to find the most effective fastening, which will not have a negative effect on the design,” explains project designer Šárka Olivová. “In the end, we opted for three intertwined ribbons, which add up to a respectable length of 65 meters,” he explains.

Preciosa Chandeliers

The company continues the uninterrupted glassmaking tradition, which began in the north of Bohemia in the Crystal Valley in 1548, and complements it with modern technological procedures.

The chandeliers are manufactured in Kamenický Šenov, where the very first glass school in the world was established in 1856.

It processes 40 tons of glass a day.

The expected turnover of the company for the unfinished fiscal year is one billion crowns (800 million crowns for the previous one).

In 2009, they introduced the smallest cut stone in the world – it measures only 0.5 millimeters in diameter and glitters on 33 facets.

Preciosa Lighting has a top professional workplace Innovation Lab, which focuses on research and use of innovative technologies in the field of lighting. It includes laboratories testing the materials used and the technology or durability of structures. This is done by simulating the most demanding global climatic conditions.


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