Czech Television will launch a new iVys Broadcasting. It will bring a new design, functions and programs – ČT24 – Czech Television

iVys Broadcasting will also make the Czech Television archive more accessible, which is the largest archive of Czech content on the market. “The goal of our new service will be to bring valuable works from previous years, for which we do not have licenses for use in the online space today, because at the time of their creation, broadcasting on the Internet may not have been considered at all or the Internet did not exist. We also want to satisfy our viewers with this activity, who are constantly writing about the availability of some archive programs, “says the Executive Director for New Media.

Visually clean solution

The platform will thus focus, for example, on making Czech and Czechoslovak titles from the period up to 2000 accessible, which is a desired type of content. “We believe that part of such content also has the potential to address, for example, millennials in the still resonant retro wave focused on the culture and aesthetics of the 80’s and 90’s,” Doležel thinks.

Like other similar platforms, iBroadcasting will contextually recommend content so that viewers don’t have to search long. “We place relatively great emphasis on the curation of the content of our newsrooms, when we want to group together and recommend thematic content to various interest groups of viewers,” says Doležel.



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