Czech seniors are increasingly enjoying pensions abroad. He spends in Greece and Switzerland

Most pensions went to Slovakia, over 35,000. This follows from CSSA statistics.

Old-age or disability pensions are received from the Czech Republic by people who worked in the country and paid pension insurance and met other conditions. Widow’s, widower’s and orphan’s pensions belong to surviving wives, husbands and children. In the future, the number of Czech pensions that will be sent abroad is likely to increase. The number of foreign workers who also contribute to the pension system has increased in recent years.

Last year, the administration sent almost 21,000 old-age pensions to the Slovak part of the former common state. 3900 less pensions were paid to seniors in Germany. This was followed by Poland with 13,700 old-age pensions. Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Greece and Bulgaria are in the top ten countries. The office sends money to 1,600 to 4,000 seniors to these states.

Most Czech invalidity, widow’s and orphan’s pensions travel to Slovakia. However, men in Germany receive the most widow’s pensions from the Czech Republic.

Among the ten countries where the most disability pensions are paid from the Czech Republic, in addition to neighboring countries, there are also Britain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden. In each of these states, there are dozens of pensions. For example, in 2010 16 Czech disability pensions went to Ukraine, last year 63. In Slovakia, about 8100 people receive Czech disability pension, in Poland about 1100, in Germany around 800 and in Austria about 260.

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The Czech National Bank is in charge of disbursing the money. The social administration gives her payment orders in Czech crowns. The CNB then pays out amounts through partner banks abroad, in euros, dollars, pounds and six other currencies. “The CSSA always issues CNB orders in the amount that was granted to the pension recipient. The amount actually paid out may vary depending on the exchange rate and fees of local banks, “said the social administration.

In order to receive a pension abroad, people must regularly fill in a certificate of living abroad as well as an application for payment abroad. The forms are on the office’s website. Documents can be sent by post with a verified signature. People must have an electronic signature to submit electronically.

Certificates of living are submitted by pensioners at intervals to be determined by them. The pension is then paid retrospectively for the period from the last payment to the month in which the person provided proof of living. “The pension is paid whenever the CSSA receives a certified certificate of living. In principle, the intervals for submitting a certificate also determine the payout intervals. If the client sends it twice a year, the payment of the pension for the return period is also made twice a year, “said the administration. She has previously stated that the payment of pensions abroad is administratively demanding. Each case must be considered separately.

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