Czech residents refuse AstraZeneca vaccine

Czechs refuse AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

The authorities of the republic are forced to dispose of tens of thousands of doses of the coronavirus vaccine, as their expiration date is running out.

Residents of the Czech Republic no longer want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with the vaccine produced by the American company AstraZeneca, preferring other drugs. This was announced on Sunday, September 12, at a briefing by the spokesman for the country’s Ministry of Health, Daniel Caple.

According to him, the republic’s authorities are forced to destroy tens of thousands of doses of this vaccine. In particular, only 800 doses of this drug were used this month, while 20 thousand doses had to be disposed of. Another 45,000 doses are to be destroyed next month.

“In October, 55 thousand doses of AstraZeneca vaccines will expire and the vast majority of them may need to be destroyed. About 10 thousand doses of the drug can be used by doctors to administer second vaccinations. If the remaining 45 thousand doses are not used, then they should be disposed of, “Caple said.

Also, the Ministry of Health of the country informs that the rate of vaccination against COVID-19 in the republic has significantly decreased: if in July doctors vaccinated an average of 100 thousand people daily, in August – 50 thousand, then this week only 15 thousand vaccinations were done per day.

At the same time, the number of hospitalizations among those infected with coronavirus is increasing in the Czech Republic. In recent days, this figure has doubled compared to last month, which indicates a worsening of the epidemiological situation, the Ministry of Health said.

As you know, today in a country with a population of 10.7 million people, 67% of the population are fully vaccinated. The republic receives vaccines produced by Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, while the Czech authorities have already refused to purchase AstraZeneca.

Recall that the governments of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria intend to allow residents who have completed a full course of immunization against coronavirus, get the third dose of vaccine eight or more months after the second vaccination.

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