Czech folk singer voluntarily takes Covid for not getting the vaccine. And dies-

from Simona Marchetti

The 57-year-old Hana Hork of Asonance wrote days ago on Facebook that she was infected with the Delta variant and that she was happy, because she could finally return to live like everyone else, but the virus has prevailed.

His band – Asonance, a Czech folk group with a repertoire of Scottish and Irish folk songs, instrumentals and ballads – refused to reveal the cause of death, limiting themselves to a simple obituary on your site. But, according to what her son also revealed, the singer Hana Hork died of Covid, contracted intentionally, so as not to have to vaccinate. In recent days it was the same 57-year-old artist who revealed that she was infected with the Delta variant of the disease through his Facebook page, explaining that now she could go to the theater, cinema, sauna or vacation again. Life here for me and for you too, he wrote in the post, inviting fans to do the same – that is, to catch the virus on purpose – and receiving a lot of positive feedback for his action.

The attack of the son on the no vax

Two days later, however, Covid got the better of and now Hork is crying for her son Jan Rek who, again on social media, lashed out at some exponents of the anti-vax movements for having questioned the gravity of the pandemic, thus pushing the mother to do what she would then do. You plagiarized my mother, who based all her arguments on your theories. I despise you, you are an absolute waste, wrote Rek in a comment, then deleted (but that those of CNN Prima News they had time to read). terribly sad to see how even cheerful and positive people can succumb to total nonsense – the musician Miroslav Hlavička always commented on Facebook -. She was delighted with the positivity of her family, she was happy that she was infected and was painting a bright future. But the virus wrote another ending to his story.

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