Czech biathletes experienced a failure in Oberhof

The Biathlon World Cup series continues in Oberhof, Germany, and the second week of racing in the Thuringian Forest did not start well for the Czech team decimated by coronavirus. The best of the representatives finished in the 10 km sprint, Ondřej Moravec, who took 58th position, Jakub Štvrtecký finished in 77th place and junior Mikulaš Karlík even finished last in 99th place. The race was won by Nor Johannes Bö, who won the 51st World Cup victory.

Rubble Martin, ČTK

Accurately shooting Bö won by 12.4 seconds ahead of compatriot Sturla Holm Laegreid and continues to lead the SP standings. The third was the German Arnd Peiffer.

Thirty-six-year-old Moravec made two mistakes when shooting lying down, shot the stand cleanly and was almost two and a half minutes behind the winner. “It was a mistake that I’m sorry about, but I won’t take it back. There are two very much here,” Moravec told Czech Television.

Ondřej Moravec at the shooting range. Illustrative photo.

Petr Slavík / Czech Biathlon

Jakub Štvrtecký rode four penalty rounds and finished seventy-seven, junior Mikuláš Karlík did not hit five targets and at the premiere among the elite he finished in 99th position, the last of the classified.

The Czech men’s team is significantly thinning due to coronavirus. Michal Krčmář, Adam Václavík, Tomáš Krupčík, Vítězslav Hornig and Milan Žemlička are in quarantine.

Junior Karlík arrived in a hurry and Jonáš Mareček could arrive for Friday’s relay if he qualifies for the World Championships at the IBU Cup in Arber, Germany on Thursday.

On Thursday, the sprint of the women who avoided the covidem-19 infection will run and remain in full composition. Relays will follow on Friday (men) and Saturday (women) and on Sunday the program in Oberhof will end with a mass start.

Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof (Germany):
Men’s Sprint (10 km):
1. JT Bö 24: 43.6 (0 penalties)
2. Lagdreid (oba Nor.) -12,4 (0)
3. Peiffer -27,9 (0)
4. Lesser (both German) -30.6 (0)
5. Dale (Nor.) -38,3 (1)
6. Hofer (It.) -40,7 (2)
7. Pidručnyj (UKR) -45,5 (1)
8. Fillon Maillet (Fr.) -46,3 (1)
9. Ponsiluoma (End.) -46,9 (2)
10. Yeliseyev (Russian) -47,5 (0)
…58. Moravec -2:27,2 (2)
77. Thursday -3:15,3 (4)
99. Charlie (all CR) -6:03,8 (5).
SP standings (after 12 of 26 races):
1. J. T. Bö 582 b.
2. Laegreid 535
3. Dale 474
4. T. Bö (Nor.) 451
5. Samuelsson (SWE) 426
6. Jacquelin (Fr.) 406
…23. The innkeeper (CR) 169
31. Moravec 109
72. Thursday 6
79. Krupčík (CR) 1


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