Czarnek invited Bosak to talks. Sellin comments

After Jarosław Gowin’s Agreement has left the government coalition, PiS cannot be sure of the parliamentary majority. For now, the ruling party can count on the support of three Kukiz’15 MPs – Paweł Kukiz, Jarosław Sachajka and Stanisław Żuk. PiS and Kukiz’15 have established program cooperation. However, it is not known how long it will last.

In this context, Jarosław Kaczyński’s party wants to look for other partners. According to unofficial information from the Polish Armed Forces, one of the people responsible in PiS for building relations with the Confederation is Przemysław Czarnek. According to the sources of the portal, in recent days the minister of education invited Krzysztof Bosak to a meeting.

“I understand this movement”

The matter was commented on in the program “Tłit” by Wirtualna Polska, deputy minister of culture, national heritage and sport, Jarosław Sellin.

– You have to respect the choices of Poles. A few percent of Poles decided that the Confederation’s deputies deserved to sit in parliament in a small group, but still. Krzysztof Bosak is a politician known for years, who ran for president and achieved interesting results for his electorate. He is not a person to be isolated from the discussion – assessed the politician.

– I also understand this movement. Education is a matter that interests everyone, commented the deputy minister. – I do not know what the program assumptions of the Confederation in the field of education are, but the fact that the minister wants to talk to a former presidential candidate, one of the leaders of one of the parliamentary groups, is completely natural – said Sellin.

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