Cystic fibrosis: the company Vertex again requests reimbursement for its treatment

The American pharmaceutical company Vertex confirms that it has withdrawn its claims for reimbursement of the cystic fibrosis drug Kaftrio in Belgium. This decision has been made”after he” is “became clear“that an agreement with the Belgian health authorities would not be”not possible at the moment“. The company intends to submit a new request for reimbursement, it said in a press release.

Vertex shares the sense of urgency to make all of its medicines available to as many eligible patients as possible and will therefore be submitting a new joint reimbursement request for KAFTRIO® for eligible patients aged 6 years and older, with new data from real world evidence“, says the pharmaceutical company.”In order to be able to start preparing a new application as soon as possible, Vertex is obliged to withdraw the current files in accordance with the Belgian regulations in force.

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