Cyrine Abdel Nour talks about Nadine Njeim’s refusal to cooperate with her


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Actress and actress Cyrine Abdel Nour revealed that her compatriot, actress Nadine Nassib Njeim, refused their collaboration as a duo in a television drama and said: “The idea was not implemented and it was Nadine a reject it “.

Siren’s response, while participating in the closing activities of the Arab Media Forum, to the question of the journalist Nishan, who moderated the dialogue session: “Why does producer Sadiq Al-Sabah not combine Sirin Abdel Nour and Nadine Njeim with a ‘ dramatic work? ” The argument is intermittent, and I agreed, Nadine, I did not agree.

For his part, producer Sadiq Al-Sabah confirmed that he was unaware of Nadine Njeim’s rejection of the idea of ​​the dramatic project, saying: “I’m not sure”, to which Sirin replied: “Mbla, Professor Sadiq, was in an interview on YouTube. I don’t have it. “

When Nishan was asked, “Do you bless each other with your work?”, Serena promptly replied, “No, we don’t congratulate each other,” adding during the session, “Don’t compare me to someone who is less than me. in the artistic community and tells a story that suits me “.

Serene talked about her duet with actor Abed Fahd, who participated in the dialogue session entitled “Drama on Her Throne”, and said: “Of course, I’d like to repeat the experience, Abed and I, we were created. same day, February 21, and Pisces, we agree very much, and always in a fun and laughs atmosphere with photography. There are no cramps and people loved the two. “

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