Cyberpunk 2077’s many game errors caused CD Projekt to be filed a class action lawsuit by two law firms

Many people eagerly beat CD Projekt RED to launch Cyberpunk 2077 as soon as possible, because this masterpiece has been postponed by the CDPR company, making many players anxious. But even if it went on the market, there were many bugs that caused many players to protest. So under the pressure of public opinion, the CDPR company finally announced that it would refund the players who bought the game. And promised to release updates and fix these bugs for the game. but. Obviously, the refund is not yet Du Youyou’s mouth. The law firm The Schall in Los Angeles and the law firm Rosen in New York filed a class action lawsuit separately to allow CDPR to compensate players and investors for their losses:

▲Cyberpunk 2077 caused some players to anger and file a lawsuit because of the huge number of bugs (Image Source

Defendants are quite common because the game is too badly done, and the EA next door has given us a lot of precedents. Lawsuits that can usually be brought are usually exclusive to well-known games. If Cyberpunk 2077 is not a world-famous 3A masterpiece today, the chances of being abused by players or even brought to court are much smaller.

In any case, the number of Bugs in Cyberpunk 2077 did arouse the anger of players. The law firm of The Schall in Los Angeles stated that the company violated the Securities Exchange Act promulgated in 1934. According to the content of the lawsuit, the current main reason is still that a large number of bugs in the game affect the game experience. These problems even misled investors. The expectation of this led to these lawsuits:

▲Cyberpunk 2077 has a magnificent view of the world and the pictures are quite beautiful.Without these bugs, CD Projekt may also increase a lot of profit

A lawsuit caused by a bug

Cyberpunk 2077 currently provides refund services on all major platforms. However, even if a refund is provided, it is still difficult to stop the negative emotions of many players being affected by the bug. These pressures of public opinion have caused many players to give negative comments on the game and blame the development company on the Internet for not fulfilling its management responsibilities, which further reduces the problems in the game. These criticisms exacerbated CD Projekt’s negative image and led to lawsuits:

▲There are many game companies that have caused lawsuits because of the bug, but Cyberpunk 2077 is probably the only one that has received the most attention recently.

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Although I don’t know what the outcome of the lawsuit will be, for CD Projekt, the end of this year will obviously not be too good. On the one hand, the wave of refunds from the Xbox and Playstation platforms caused financial losses, on the other hand, the lawsuit may affect the company’s operations. Before getting through these difficulties, the game company from Poland must take some time to deal with it.


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