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Cyberpunk 2077: triumph, failure and warning of the future

Cyberpunk 2077 is the best-selling video game in Russia over the past 20 years and at the same time a disappointing year for gamers. We spoke to one of the authors of the original Cyberpunk board game about what he wanted to say when he created this universe in 1988.

Even before the release of the game, scandals began to arise around Cyberpunk 2077. At first, the Russians did not like the localized version of the voice acting with YouTube stars and musicians, and the video with it received the largest number of dislikes on the Russian-language channel of the Polish studio CD Projekt Red.

Representatives of the trans-community also complained, who believe that in the creation of the Polish studio transgender people are shown with a share of inappropriate irony.

Nevertheless, the release turned out to be super successful: worldwide, only by pre-orders, sales of the game on PC exceeded 4.7 million copies. Development costs and a significant part of the marketing paid off already on the day of release. It was the most successful selling launch of PC gaming ever.

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