Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay on PS4 leaked, the Internet tracked down the source

On the web you can find a 20-minute fragment of the game from the expected game Cyberpunk 2077 in the PlayStation 4 version. The material is regularly removed from YouTube, while Internet users immediately found the alleged source of the film. It was not difficult because the alleged person made such a mass of mistakes as if they wanted to be caught.

ATTENTION – all the reports below are the result investigation by Internet users, incl. on the Reddit platform. The following reports should not be taken as confirmed, 100% certain information.

Being an effective leaker is an art. Let’s take the TV super production Game of Thrones. The script of the last season hit the network long weeks before the premiere of the first episode of the last series. However, to this day, it has not been possible to grab anyone by the hand and prove them guilty. Disney experienced similar problems in the context of the new Star Wars trilogy. A professional medic is like an interview sticks; as close to information as possible and as far as possible from suspicion.

However, in the case of the game Cyberpunk 2077 we’re dealing with a slightly less sophisticated undercover cop.

A 20-minute video showing the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 title in action has appeared on the web. Pure gameplay, recorded directly from the PlayStation 4 console, streamed live. Although the material lasted many minutes, it did not reveal anything new. Those who saw him stated that the author was doing quite poorly in the game, laboriously moving the action forward. We will not show this, however, while respecting CDP RED’s efforts to remove pre-release material from leading video platforms.

Gameplay from CP2077 was streamed through a Twitch account. There would be nothing extraordinary about it, if not for the fact that this account has been linked to… user accounts on various social media. Hence, Internet users were able to instantly find information about a person who has a pre-premiere Cyberpunk. Piece of cake.

The trail analyzed on Reddit led to an Amazon employee in Florida.

Less than an hour after the video was published, the first Internet users already pointed to the profile of a person who owns the Polish game. At this point, it should be emphasized once again that we cannot be sure that the investigation of Internet users has been carried out correctly. The Reddit community can be wrong and the following reports should be interpreted as a widely repeated rumor, unconfirmed information.

According to Internet users, the source of the video material is an Amazon employee living in Florida, in the city of Jacksonville. The man allegedly obtained the game box from the warehouse, most likely illegally. The player obtained a copy for later sale which he could not and should not take as his property or rent.

As the case got high-profile, an alleged Amazon employee was reportedly trying to sell the game on.

This is confirmed by the screenshot showing the discs with the game Cyberpunk 2077 in the PlayStation 4 version. Two discs go hand in hand with the revelations from a few days ago. It was then that the first photos of game boxes and promotional materials that landed in warehouses closer to unspecified sales networks appeared on the web. The fact that the leaker is selling two discs adds a bit of authenticity to the whole situation.

It does not add seriousness to the man himself, who made basically all the mistakes he could have made. First of all, he broke the employee regulations and took for himself pre-premiere goods, excluded from sale, directly from the company’s warehouse. Second, he played Cyberpunk 2077 while staying online. Third, he was streaming on the web using a private Twitch account. Fourth, his Twitch account was paired with social media profiles. Fifthly, he used the sales platform, which further narrows the circle of suspects.

Time for a moment for doubt.

Considering the hype generated by Cyberpunk 2077, it’s not surprising that someone took one of the hundreds of game boxes under their pants. After all, an opportunity makes a thief, and in this particular case we are dealing with an exceptional occasion. I am surprised that a potential leaker has shown such foolishness by ticking off all possible mistakes from the list. I find it hard to believe that someone can be so unimaginative.

The second question arises from the name of the gentleman on the Internet. The man’s alleged friends confirm that his name is Dakota. At the same time, in the screenshot showing the auction, we are dealing with Shaun. Of course, a lot of people provide false personal information on local sales platforms, so it may be that this time too. Because although the name does not match, the American state and city are.

Can anyone really be so brazen, unimaginative and careless? Every time I think about it, I am reminded of the situation almost a decade ago. It was the first time we could see the multiplayer mode from the anticipated Halo 4, recorded secretly in … a barn. No, seriously.

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