Cyber ​​attack: health data from Corbeil Essonne hospital disclosed

At the end of August, Corbeil Essonne hospital had been the victim of a cyber attack that had paralyzed some services (see France: a summer of cyber attacks). The hackers had demanded a ransom of 10 million dollars, “Then reduced to one or two million dollars, according to sources” (cf. Essonne: after the cyberattack, the hospital victim of “data blackmail”). Since this was not paid for, the hackers followed their threats by leaking the stolen health information this weekend[1] on the dark web[2]. The risk is now “blackmail or extortion of the interested parties” : patients, hospital staff or partners.

“’We will not give in to these criminals. All state services are mobilized ‘next to the hospital’ reacted the Minister of Health François Braun. For his part, the hospital is mobilized to inform patients individually and the staff concerned “.

[1] “Some administrative data” including the tax code, and “some health data such as examination reports and in particular external files of anatomocytopathology, radiology, analysis laboratories, doctors” “.

[2]only insiders can access the data “, According to Damien Bancal, author of a blog who was able to consult the file and give the alert.

Source: AFP (25/09/2022)

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