CVS Administers New COVID-19 Vaccine: Get It Today Without an Appointment

CVS Administers New COVID-19 Vaccine: Get It Today Without an Appointment

CVS becomes one of the first pharmacies in our community to administer the new COVID-19 vaccine.

The regional director of CVS for South Florida and Puerto Rico, Ricardo López, explained that “it is a vaccine that the CDC recommends starting at 6 months. At CVS we give it to everyone starting at 5 years old and at Minute Clinic , which are our clinics within CVS, we administer it from 18 months onwards.

In most cases, this anticovid vaccine would have no cost to the person who administers it.

“It is being covered by most insurance. We also participate in the “CDC Bridge Access” program that offers the vaccine free to people over 18 years of age who do not have insurance. For the vaccine you can make an appointment at or en minuteclinic.comor you can call our pharmacies, so we can also help you make appointments,” López recommended.

Health authorities insist that current studies show that COVID-19 vaccines protect against developing severe disease, and prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

The regional director of CVS affirms that the pharmacy network is working to make vaccines more accessible to everyone, and that its pharmacists can answer any questions or concerns they have about this new COVID-19 vaccine.

“Our pharmacists are the most accessible health professionals. Getting vaccinated is a way to protect yourself and our entire family, loved ones to have healthier communities,” said CVS regional director for Southern California. Florida and Puerto Rico.

The recommendation is to visit the website and look for the zip code of your area where this new COVID-19 vaccine would be available so you can receive it without an appointment.

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