Cutting a Cake at a Restaurant, This Customer Was Surprised to Be Billed at IDR 374,000!


A customer did not expect himself to be billed by restaurant to pay for cake cutting. The reason is that the costs that must be incurred are up to Rp. 374 thousand!

The restaurant is a suitable place to celebrate special days, including celebrating birthdays. This birthday celebration moment will be more complete if there is a cake. Because of that, some people took the initiative to bring a birthday cake from outside and then asked the waiter to store it in the restaurant’s refrigerator first.

Unfortunately not all restaurants want to do this for free. With that opportunity, many waiters actually trick customers by adding service fees to their bills. As experienced by a woman named Gigi.

By uploading his TikTok @vivala_blondiiie, the customer shows a meal bill consisting of several orders. This woman did order two pizzas and two drinks, each priced at 18 USD or around Rp. 267 thousand and 26 USD or Rp. 386 thousand, reported (01/02).

But there are things that block the meal bill bill. Gigi didn’t expect that she would be billed for USD 25 or around Rp. 374 thousand for the cost of cutting the cake.

This is the meal bill that the woman has to pay. There is a menu of cake pieces that are billed at IDR 374,000! Photo: TikTok @vivala_blondiiie

In the text caption on the video, Gigi tells that a waiter offered to help cut the cake they brought. With this service provided, Gigi also felt that the waitress was doing a good thing.

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Unfortunately Gigi’s expectations were wrong because the offer was paid. Gigi has to pay for the services of a waiter who helps her cut the cake at an unreasonable price. The bill of lading says “slice of cake” valued at USD 25 or Rp 374 thousand.

Cutting a Cake at a Restaurant, This Customer Was Surprised to Be Billed at IDR 374,000!In some restaurants, there is indeed money to be paid if you bring food from outside. But this woman was annoyed that she wasn’t warned first. Photo: Getty Images

“When the waiter asked if the cake we brought would be helped to cut, we thought he was doing a good thing. But it turned out to be worth 25 dollars,” he wrote in a statement.

I was so surprised, Gigi was still questioning whether things like this really happened often or she was just being lied to restaurant the unnamed one.

“I didn’t know there was such a thing?!” said the woman.

The video upload sparked debate among netizens. Some netizens did not expect such a high cost. While other netizens actually think this is reasonable.

One netizen revealed, “If they don’t tell me about the fee, I will refuse to pay.”

“They can’t do this without informing you first,” said another netizen.

While netizens who considered this reasonable commented, “Yes, if you bring your own food from outside, restaurant will charge a cutting fee. You should have asked first.”

“It’s normal for you to be billed for bringing food from outside,” said another netizen.

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