Cut shots from the film Karel: Patch for a postponed premiere

The creators cut into the official clip for the film, which blends the new version of the Master’s hit Go for Happiness. He recorded it shortly before his death with the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra. Within the cut scenes you can also see a shot from the cottage Gott in Doubice, where Karel scratches the back of his daughter Charlotte (14).

Trailer for the documentary Karel about the life of Karel Gott

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Another scene shows aboard the private jet of friend and patron Leon Tsoukernik, 46, watching the snowy Alps on his last trip to the sea when the king of casinos invited him to his villa in Sardinia last June. “I am grateful that we can perhaps lift your spirits at least a little in such an uncertain time with the video for the opening song Go for Happiness,” she wrote. Ivana Gottová.

Unused footage from the film Karel: Ivana published it in a new clip with the biggest hit!

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Take a look at the interview with documentary director Karel Olga Špátová:


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