Customers about (d) will play Xiaomi and Huawei, and they will love other brands

Over the last years, in rankings of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world the first places were occupied by three brands: Apple, Samsung and Huawei, and right behind them was located Xiaomi. According to forecasts, the situation will change drastically next year. It will be a completely new reality and a huge surprise at the same time.

Smartphone sales in 2021 – customers will forget about Huawei

Samsung’s position in the smartphone segment was under threat – he was successively moving to the leading position Huawei i in the second quarter of 2020, it even managed to outdo its rival from South Korea. If not sanctions imposed by the United States, this company could stay in the first place for a long time and not give it back to the competition for a long time.

These trade restrictions, however, effectively inhibited the growth of smartphone deliveries Huawei, but – as follows from prognoz DigiTimes Research – only (or rather already) next year will we see the collapse of this company in the smart-phone segment. According to analysts, it will fall from the first place of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world to … seventh!

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It will be really sorry to see this, but it’s hard to say we weren’t expecting it. As early as August, there were forecasts according to which in 2021 Huawei will deliver to the market at most 50 million smartphones, which is over 75% less than in 2020. And it is not about the fact that customers will not want to buy devices without GMS, but about the lack of access to key components, such as processors – the company from the Middle Kingdom will simply not have anything to use for smart-phones. Unless the United States changes its policy towards her, of course.

Sales of smartphones in 2021 – Xiaomi will not be easy either

The bad news doesn’t stop there, however. According to analysts at DigiTimes Research, 2021 will also not be successful for Xiaomi. As I mentioned, so far (for a long time) it has been ranked 4th among the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Next year Xiaomi however, it may have a problem keeping such a high position. Analysts believe that customers will be much more likely to choose smartphones from other brands, and more precisely Oppo i Vivo, thanks to which they will manage to take places right behind Samsung and Apple. Xiaomi therefore it will fall to the fifth.

smartfon Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphone
Xiaomi Mi 10 (source: Xiaomi)

DigiTimes does not specify what will drive the sale of smartphones Oppo i Vivobut at least the latter can help a lot official entry into the European market, scheduled for October 20, 2020. Although the Old Continent is a difficult and demanding region, customers are not closed to new brands, especially if they play aggressively with price. And price, as we know, can work wonders (though not always and not everywhere, an example of which is LG Wing).

An interesting fact is who will climb to the sixth place in the ranking of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. According to DigiTimes Research, this is to be achieved by the Chinese company Transsion, which is responsible for the brands Tecno, Itel and Infinix. You can associate the latter with the model Infinix Note 6, which was a surprisingly interesting alternative to the much more expensive high-end from the Galaxy Note series. However, it focuses on South Asia and Africa, so for us it is rather exotic.

smartfon Infinix Note 6
Infinix Note 6 (fot. Infinix)

Of course, keep in mind that these are merely projections which may not necessarily be reflected in the future. While a significant decline in smartphone sales Huawei seems (as things stand) more than probable, I rather doubt that Xiaomi so easily gave customers away from the competition. After all, he has recently been aggressively fighting for them with new smartphones from POCO and Redmi and selected from the Mi series, such as Mi 10 Lite 5G i Mi 10T Lite (because the prices of the latest flagships effectively discourage their purchase).

One thing is for sure – in 2021, there will be huge changes in the smartphone segment and we will witness a significant shift in the division of forces in this market. The question remains who will undermine whose position, because there will be plenty of people willing to do so – Chinese brands will be fighting each other hard (even though Oppo i Vivo belong to the same group, BBK Electronics).

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