Customer Reviews and Culinary Recommendations – Two new features GoFood officially launched on Friday (30/7/2021), namely customer reviews or customer reviews and culinary recommendation banners.

Chief Food Officer Gojek Group, Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo said, these two new features can be relied on by customers to find references to the best culinary menus for users or restaurants that they have never tried before, especially from SMEs.

Moreover, personalization-based GoFood technology makes it easier for customers to use GoFood as a destination to explore more than 20 million food and beverage menu items throughout Indonesia.

“These two new features that we launched are solutions so that customers can get the best culinary references based on other customer reviews, and increase their confidence to try culinary from new or previously unknown merchants,” said Catherine in a release received, Friday (30/7). /2021).

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The Customer Review (Review) feature allows customers to rate the restaurant every time they finish ordering GoFood. Later, all customer reviews will be displayed on the page of each restaurant to be a reference for other customers.

This Customer Review or Review feature can be responded to directly by merchants in the comments section of their GoBiz application. So, this feature can be a means of evaluation, appreciation, and clarification.

“With this, GoFood is the first food-delivery service in Indonesia that presents the review feature,” he explained.

GoFood is also holding a review or review competition with attractive prizes which will start on August 1, 2021.

Meanwhile, the Recommendation Banner feature containing the Most Popular Restos (Most Popular Restos) and More Liked by GoFoodies (Most Loved Eats), was launched to encourage more merchants to appear more in the application, especially local MSMEs.

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With this, customers can explore MSME restaurants based on their rating, the number of orders, the number of likes or what customers like the most, as well as being in the closest location. The list of MSME restaurants in this feature is personalized based on the customer’s area and is updated regularly.

Catherine said, these two features are a reflection of GoFood’s commitment to continue to innovate. Not only to improve the culinary dining customer experience, but also to continue to play a role in supporting MSMEs.



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