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    180 new coronavirus infections in Switzerland

    In Switzerland, the number of people infected with the corona virus has continued to increase. On Saturday morning there were 1189 confirmed cases, as reported by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). That was 180 people more than the previous day. A total of 1,359 people tested positive, four of them in the Principality of Liechtenstein. In 170 cases, the first positive result is available, and confirmation has not yet been received. So far, there have been reports of sick people from all cantons except Appenzell Innerrhoden. According to the latest figures, 52 percent of the cases are men, 48 percent were women. So far, a total of 13 people have died.

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    With music against the crippling quarantine

    Everyone for themselves, but all together: millions of Italians have to stay at home because of the corona virus – but they can still play on balconies. From north to south, people stood at the same time on Friday evening with instruments or singing on their balconies or at the windows to tune songs against fear, loneliness and boredom in isolation.

    The whole country was there at the “Flashmob sonoro” (sounding flash mob): harp players, flutists, pianists, children on drums, guitar players and dancing people on balconies were shown in videos. After China, Italy is the country with the most Covid 19 victims. The whole country is now a restricted area with strict requirements not to leave the house except in necessary cases such as shopping.

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    Two other coronavirus victims in Ticino

    In Ticino, two other people have died as a result of an infection with the novel corona virus since Friday afternoon. As the management team announced, these are older patients from the risk group. This results in 13 deaths nationwide.

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    Belgium largely paralyzes public life

    Belgium has had drastic restrictions on public life since Saturday. All cafes, restaurants and discotheques will remain closed at least until April 3, as will the schools. All sports and cultural events are canceled. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open at normal times. Nevertheless, hamster purchases occurred in many places after the measures were announced.

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    More and more border closings

    Different countries are trying to limit the spread of the coronavirus by closing or checking borders:

    • Russia closes its borders to Poland and Norway from Sunday. Foreigners who want to enter Russia for private, professional, tourist or study reasons are denied entry.
    • Poland itself has announced that it will be closing its borders to foreigners from Sunday. All international flight and train connections are also to be suspended from Sunday. Polish citizens can return by car from abroad, but then have to go into quarantine for two weeks.
    • Denmark closes its border with Germany on Saturday afternoon. Tourists and other foreigners without a specific reason for entry no longer come into the country.
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    Solidarity wave in times of the corona virus

    The corona virus slows down everyday life and especially risk groups are particularly affected. Now a wave of solidarity is spilling over the net. For example, representatives of climate youth have set up a corona solidarity network, where volunteers can register to find and take on tasks in their area. This includes, for example, shopping for elderly people in the neighborhood.

    With school classes canceled, many parents are faced with the question: How will I organize childcare in the next few weeks? The page , Link opens in a new windowtries to make life easier for parents and offers them the opportunity to join together in the Freundeskreis or beyond. There are now a number of Whatsapp groups , Link opens in a new windowemerged.

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    Several hundred soldiers will be deployed to Corona on Monday

    The Swiss military is sending hundreds of members of the army to fight the coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, a hospital battalion with around 600 armed forces is expected to enter. These are intended to support hospitals in the cantons. So far, the army has been deployed in Ticino with a good two dozen people because of the pandemic.

    Army chief Thomas Süssli announced the deployment of hospital battalion 5 on Twitter. Hospital Battalion 5 is one of four hospital battalions belonging to the Swiss Army. It can help hospitals with operations, including nursing, logistics and cleaning, as the army spokesman said. The main tasks of the battalion include the «personal and material support of civilian hospitals in extraordinary situations».

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    Tirol and Madrid on list of risk areas

    The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) now also includes the Austrian state of Tyrol and the Spanish capital Madrid as risk areas. The list already included Italy, Iran, the Chinese province of Hubei, the South Korean province of Gyeongsangbuk-do and the French region of Grand Est, which includes Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne.

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    Germany: Self-isolation for returnees from Switzerland

    In view of the corona pandemic, German health minister Jens Spahn is calling on returning travelers from Switzerland, Italy and Austria to quarantine themselves for two weeks. “Avoid unnecessary contacts and stay at home for two weeks,” Spahn writes on Twitter.

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    Sharp measures in Graubünden

    No association activities, closed libraries and cinemas: the canton of Graubünden sometimes goes much further than the federal government when it comes to corona measures. Nevertheless, the health care sector is feared, as our correspondents report.

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    China only reports eleven new coronavirus cases

    The Chinese authorities reported only 11 new infections with the novel corona virus on Saturday. The majority of the new cases were brought in from abroad, said the national health commission.

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    Accordingly, there were four new cases in Wuhan City, from which the virus started in December. The remaining seven infections occurred in people who had traveled to China from abroad.

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    BAG fake mails in circulation

    Cyber ​​criminals are taking advantage of the current situation and are spreading fake emails from the BAG with malware, as reported by the Reporting and Analysis Center for Information Assurance (MELANI) on Twitter.

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    US immigration entry into force

    The entry ban imposed by US President Donald Trump for people from large parts of continental Europe has entered into force. The measure has been applicable to people from the 26 Schengen countries since 11:59 p.m. on Friday (4,59 a.m.CET on Saturday). Switzerland is also affected.

    The one-sided measure had caused criticism in Europe. The EU criticized that the US decision had been made without consultation. Trump announced in a speech to the nation on Wednesday evening that the regulation should apply for 30 days. Americans who are in the Schengen area are allowed to return to the USA, but have to undergo tests.

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    Ticino: Military supports hospitals

    The Swiss Army is deployed in connection with the corona pandemic. 23 members of the army have been supporting two Ticino hospitals in patient care since Friday evening, as the Ministry of Defense announced on Twitter. The army also provides the hospitals in Bellinzona and Lugano with material – such as breathing aids and monitor systems, stretchers, universal tents and treatment containers. The duration of the detachment has not yet been determined.

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