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When it comes to fighting the pandemic, there is still too little vaccine, low vaccination rates, too few tests, too few specialist staff, too few beds in intensive care units, etc.

More and more people are turning away from the fascist dictator Duterte.

The fascist President Rodrigo Duterte encourages the police and military to brutally kill progressive people. On April 14, 2021, it also issued an order that lifted a nine-year moratorium on new mining agreements, which could encourage environmental plunder and cause more natural disasters.

Current facts about Covid-19 in the Philippines:

  1. More than 15,000 Filipinos have already died of Covid-19.
  2. The more dangerous virus mutants from Great Britain, South Africa and Brazil are already active in the country.
  3. The Philippines’ national vaccination plan costs 82.5 billion pesos. 10 billion is said to come from the Bayanihan 2 standby fund (neighborhood aid), but only 2.5 billion will be released for the budget.
  4. The government has released 221.1 billion pesos for the health sector, while it has released 1.1 trillion pesos for the so-called build-build-build program (an infrastructure program).
  5. The military received 207 billion pesos.


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