Current corona numbers in Düsseldorf – September 11th

The current corona numbers for Düsseldorf. Image: pixabay

Dusseldorf. For Düsseldorf, 91 new infections with the corona virus were registered by the State Center for Health (LZG) for the state capital on Saturday.

The State Health Center in North Rhine-Westphalia states that an estimated 1,500 people in Düsseldorf are currently infected. As of today, a total of 30,285 Düsseldorf residents have been diagnosed with an infection with the coronavirus.

According to the LZG, an estimated 28,400 citizens have now recovered. 458 (+ 4) people who were infected with the corona virus have died in Düsseldorf so far.



According to the city, 82 of the infected are treated in hospitals, 22 of them in the intensive care unit.

According to information from the State Health Center in Düsseldorf, the seven-day incidence is currently 124.3 – this value indicates the number of infections that have become known in the last seven days per 100,000 inhabitants.

The city also announced: “On September 10th, 86 smears were taken in the city’s diagnostic practice. A total of 0 swabs were taken in the urban drive-in test center. In addition, there are 241 further cuts made by the mobile service. A total of 327 swabs have been made so far in the two municipal facilities as well as through the mobile service. “

Corona vaccination numbers for Düsseldorf

On September 10th, 3,326 people were vaccinated in Düsseldorf, the city announced. Among them are 1,332 people who received their first and 1,994 people who received their second vaccination.

Since December 27, 450,121 people have been vaccinated in Düsseldorf, of which 394,974 have received their first and second vaccinations. A total of 845,095 vaccinations have been carried out to date.


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