Current Affairs Report: Strengthened AfD and UN Conference on Plastic Waste

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44:30 Min.
Available until 06/09/2023

Topics: Strengthened AfD: The traffic light under pressure | Correspondent Philipp Menn reports from Berlin | Proposal of the military commissioner Högl: Return of the draft | UN conference: The fight against plastic waste | Allegations against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann | Cell Phone Free Zone at School | Traditional restaurant in Münster reacts to staff shortages “DeepFake”: Can we still believe our eyes and ears? | Studio talk: Jörg Schieb, WDR digital expert | Watch dealer after robbery | Reporter Svenja Kellershohn from the Nürburgring at the start of the “Rock am Ring” festival | Compact | Weather

2023-06-02 22:15:30
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