Current account emptied by phone. Here is the sim swap scam

Damn technology! We must always keep up with the times and always be super informed to prevent something from happening. What? Like the current account emptied by phone. Here is the sim swap scam, quick you don’t even notice. In an instant, all the money in your bank account will be gone. Like magic, but not good magic, bad magic.

What happens and how does it work?

Let’s now try to understand precisely what the sim swap is. Literally it means replacement of the sim. Cybercriminals clone the sim and steal the phone number of its victim. This is the development of a scam already present, where the bank login credentials were stolen and away they stole all the money.

As you all know by now, banks try to fight online scams every day. In fact, when you shop on the web, such as trains, planes or even shopping, the bank will send you a secret code with which you can complete the payment. Without this code, the scammer cannot do anything, but if the scammer has cloned your phone it means that he sees that code.

Current account emptied by phone. Here is the sim swap scam

Basically the scammer goes to a phone shop with a fake ID and will move all your sim data to a new one. That way the number will be the same, but he will be in control and you won’t. And here I repeat the concept of: “Damn technology”. Therefore, if you realize that your telephone network has been disconnected, contact your operator immediately. Ask why, and especially if there was a request to disconnect from someone. Then check the movements on your current account every day. This way you will immediately notice if there is something wrong.

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