Curfews in Offenbach and Groß-Gerau district –

The infection is forcing the city to act, it says on the homepage of the city of Offenbach. The administrative staff has now decided that from Wednesday there will again be a night curfew in the city, always from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. This exit restriction is initially limited to April 18, it is said. If the incidence has remained stable below 200 for several days, it can also be canceled beforehand.

Incidence in Offenbach over 200

The nightly exit restriction is intended to further reduce private meetings and the mobility of citizens and thus contain the risk of infection, the city said. Ordnungsdezernet Peter Freier said: “The problem in Offenbach is not just the incidence, but a triad: The incidence is over 200. Infections cannot be localized, they are demonstrably taking place in private rooms. And bed occupancy in our hospitals is increasing” .

OB Schwenke: “We are very concerned about the development”

The escalation concept of the state government, revised last week to contain the pandemic, stipulates that if the incidence of 200 is exceeded on three consecutive days, municipalities must examine further restrictions to protect the population. Offenbach’s Mayor Schwenke: “We are very concerned about the development. Even if it is currently not popular among the population to impose restrictions, we have to act. That is our responsibility and we are chosen to take it on.”

Curfew also in the Groß-Gerau district

Here, too, the incidence has been skyrocketing for days, so the district has decided to introduce a night curfew (also from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.) from April 1st (Thursday). In addition, the daycare centers in the cities and municipalities of the district remain closed for the time being after Easter, whereby emergency care is to be set up for parents in systemically relevant professions.



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