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This year’s Spring Festival movie can be described as “fairy fighting”. Science fiction, comedy, suspense, animation and other films competed on the same stage, and the box office results were also good. But at the same time, there are also some dissonant elements that seem familiar. “”Manjianghong”, “The Wandering Earth 2″… 5 Spring Festival films” “TC version (pre-release) video, online disk delivery.” According to reports, on a certain platform, Spring Festival films are being sold. The original price of the 5 movies is 15.88 yuan, and the following stores will immediately get a discount of 5 yuan. Moreover, there are not a few popular Spring Festival movies sold at low prices, and there are more than one platform. (Guangming Daily, February 5)

In a sense, behind the pirated film industry is a huge space for illegal profit-making. It is not that pirates do not understand the principle of “piracy is illegal”. They choose to take risks just to make profits. Although the seven films in the Spring Festival file jointly called for “rejecting piracy and boycotting recording”, with the lowering of the threshold for piracy and the facilitation and speed of piracy, film and television works are still facing rampant piracy.

According to the relevant provisions of the “Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China”, distributing download links of pirated movies on the Internet without the permission of the author (excluding fair use, etc.) may infringe the copyright owner’s distribution rights and network information dissemination rights , thereby assuming legal responsibility. Obviously, the behavior of pirates is not fair use, but a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of film and television producers and producers. At the same time, the behavior of pirates not only dampened the enthusiasm of film practitioners, but also brought harm to the long-term development of China’s film industry to some extent.

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It is undeniable that these phenomena did not just happen this year. As early as the Spring Festival in 2019, movies such as “Flying Life” and “The Wandering Earth” encountered large-scale piracy. Although copyright protection has been continuously strengthened in recent years, compared with the past, the industrial chain of pirated movies is more complete, and the shooting equipment used is becoming more and more hidden, which further increases the difficulty of cracking down. Therefore, the pirated film industry must not be left alone.

On the one hand, to crack down on pirated movies, we must start from the source. Relevant departments should improve the normalized governance mechanism for film piracy, strengthen daily network inspections, increase the illegal cost of pirates, and adopt advanced technology to seal up relevant online sales channels. At the same time, theaters must resolutely stop the behavior of internal staff from “guarding and stealing”, further strengthen inspections, and promptly warn and call the police after discovering bootleggers.

On the other hand, cracking down on pirated movies still requires all parties to gather strength and work together. For self-media, short video and other platforms, it is necessary to strengthen the review of content, actively fulfill the legal obligations of copyright protection, prohibit the dissemination of related film works without authorization, and strictly abide by the legal bottom line. For viewers, it is necessary to raise their own awareness of copyright protection, say “no” to pirated acts, say “no” to pirated movies, and never shoot or record; when found pirated acts, promptly stop or report to the staff It reflects that this is the care for the Chinese film industry.

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Piracy stole the efforts of the creators, stole the love of the audience, and hurt the development of the market. All parties must work together to curb the trend of film piracy and escort domestic films.

(Editor in charge: Wu Xiaojuan)

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