Cuphead has suddenly been launched on PlayStation 4

Without releasing any hints in advance, developer Studio has MDHR now announced that their critically acclaimed shooter Cuphead has been released on PlayStation 4. A trailer can be seen at the top of the article.

Cuphead was first launched on Xbox One and Windows in 2017 and has since also come to Switch, before it is finally released on Sony’s platform. The game is available through PlayStation Store.

Cuphead … Photo: Sony

Good reception

The game was well received when it was launched, and is known for its original and creative style, high degree of difficulty and intensity, and focus on continuous boss fights.

Here at the work, Cuphead was rewarded with a solid 8 out of 10 points by our reviewer:

… and Mugman. Photo: Sony

– The visual style of the game is down to the fingertips and beautiful that it is almost worth the purchase alone. Add a soundtrack that builds up under the tempo, intensity and hectic nature of the game and you have something completely unique, our man wrote before adding:

– But also remember that Cuphead will test your patience to the limit. Some of the boss fights feel almost impossible, both after 20 and 30 attempts. When it finally loosens, the feeling is all the more digg.

The developer Studio MDHR consists of the brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, and work on the game began in 2010.

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