Cup: U19 of I. SC Göttingen 05 fails due to Eintracht Braunschweig

Nils Leunig was disappointed at the end of the game. His team started the game as outsiders against the higher-class team from Braunschweig, but by no means without a chance. On the contrary: The Göttingen team could have taken the lead early on. “We started very confidently and had two hundred percent chances in the first few minutes,” said the 05 coach. There was also a hit from Hebun Kaplan, which was disallowed because of an offside position.

The U19 of I. SC Göttingen 05 met in the second round of the Lower Saxony Cup against regional league team Eintracht Braunschweig.

© Swen gatekeeper

Doppelschlag completely upsets Göttinger

The pressure phase of the black and yellow came to an abrupt end when the Braunschweiger “out of nowhere”, as Leunig put it, appeared in the Göttingen penalty area and shortly afterwards were able to lay the ball at the penalty spot due to an unnecessary foul. Simone de Gaetani netted 1-0 for Eintracht (10th). “After that we were unfocused and disorganized, and it was 2-0,” said Leunig. Because only one minute after his goal from the point, Gaetani increased for the guests. “This one-two punch was fatal,” the Göttingen coach summed it up.

Before the break, the Lower Saxony league team conceded the 0: 3 through Braunschweig’s Claude Serge Ifeyileba Berthier (31st) – at least the preliminary decision. With a few changes at the beginning of the second 45 minutes, Leunig tried again to set new impulses. “That worked well too. We then managed to run up Braunschweig again and not give them the space to combine. We played a lot for the Braunschweig goal again, ”said the 05 coach.

After being substituted on, Fritsch scored the next goal

His team rewarded themselves a few minutes after the break with a goal to make it 1: 3. Joschua Fritsch, one of the substitutes, scored from the penalty spot (49th). But this hit did not herald a race to catch up. Bitter end point for the black and yellow: In stoppage time, the referee of Göttingen’s Hebun Kaplan resigned after alleged assault with straight red. He will be missing the 05er for the time being.

The 05er struggled again and again in the second half with “a few unfortunate referee decisions”. These were not the reason for the defeat, but the missed chances in the early stages as well as the serious mistakes in the three goals conceded from Braunschweig, emphasized Leunig, who nevertheless attested his team to the right attitude: “You never had the feeling that they were would give up. “

The trophy trip is over for the Göttingen in the second round. In the first round of the cup at the beginning of September they held their ground 4-2 against national division BVG Wolfenbüttel. Next Saturday, the 05er will play a friendly game against the U17s of Hannover 96, currently the leaders of the B-Junioren-Bundesliga North / Northeast.

Eintracht Northeim is also out

The next game in the Lower Saxony league is not due until October 31. Then the team from coach Leunig will be guests for the derby at FC Eintracht Northeim. The Northeimers have meanwhile also retired prematurely from the Lower Saxony Cup. They were already defeated by Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg on Wednesday with 0: 5 (0: 2).

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