Cumulative sales of Switch have surpassed PS4, but sales are still showing a slowdown

Nintendo Switch

According to Nintendo’s latestfinancial report, as of the end of 2022, the total cumulative sales of Switch have reached 122.55 million units. That means it has surpassed the Game Boy and PS4 to become the third best-selling console of all time, behind only the DS and PS2. But despite this, the current market situation that Lao Ren is facing is not optimistic. In the first three quarters of the 2022-2023 fiscal year, Switch sales were 14.91 million units, which was much lower than the 18.95 million units in the same period of the previous year, and revenue also fell by 5.6%.even if there is“Pokémon Vermilion/Purple”For such a blockbuster work, the sales of the game in the current quarter still fell by 4% the next year. Based on such data, Nintendo also adjusted the expected sales of Switch for the entire fiscal year from 19 million units to 18 million units, and the game sales forecast was also reduced by 5 million copies.

In fact, Switch-related merchandise is justcontinueThe decline that existed last year. The old man attributed the weak performance to the shortage of semiconductors, and said that the shortage of mainframes also affected software sales.For comparison, Sony’s PS57.1 million units sold, set a new sales record. Another big (unofficially unacknowledged) problem on the Switch side is that the hardware of this generation of products is aging. Even the relatively new OLED models are still inferior to Microsoft and Sony in terms of performance, not to mention these two. Gamers are also investing heavily in game resources and subscription services at the same time.

Lao Ren said last year that how to smoothly transition to the next console is the company’s “main focus.” If this transition period is extended for a long time, it is not impossible for the total sales volume in the Switch life cycle to become the first in history.

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