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ART. The Galerie Australe, in the heart of Saint-Denis, has chosen to extend by one week its new collective exhibition composed of works from this year 2021 produced by some of its guests, with the desire to maintain an activity that threatens, like everywhere else, the pandemic, knowing that artists continue to create in the secrecy of their studio and that the public needs, more than ever, a part of art to enlighten their gaze.

It is the English word identifying exhibitions and which, in our vocabulary, takes on the air of proposals much more “show off”, that Mickaëlle Felvia Aue has selected to identify the latest cuvée of works on the walls of his gallery. Authors ? Painters, known for a long time and well established in the house collection, like Martin Vaughn James, more recent ones like Eko who has only exhibited since last year at the Austral Gallery on the fringes of the city walls, or distant knowledge in painting whose work, obviously, evolves and is enriched by a symbolism which has everything to do with the progress of the world today.
Example, Amalie Léo, of whom we had recently seen some works in calligraphy and who, here, occupies a major and colorful place. Beside him, a few canvases by Vladimir, who signs of a more striking Vlad stories taken from his palette to speak of humanity that he chooses to immortalize in a symbolic, enchanted or symphonic. Or, here and there, a canvas by Onesike, another by Konix, even Yen or Ferrero as well as a unique painting recovered from the latest creations of a certain Stéphane Hoarau aka HS, this canvas entitled “The splashed woman “having the time to please us straight away by its side… unfinished which gives food for thought.

Until Africa

Nothing but paintings from this year 2021 that Mickaëlle Felvia Aue tried to put together, having a horror of the void left on its walls by exhibitions prevented, delayed, canceled due to Covid. “In particular this African exhibition, expected at the end of March, and which I had to postpone, the artists concerned being unable to travel. So, in the meantime, in a” one shot “way, I wanted to confront once more, and until March 27, street artists to more classic painters, knowing that the back and forth from one to another, in the same space, in the name of contemporary art, works rather well. “Exhibition” with guest artists, which will recur with other signatures until the pandemic gives us back our autonomy and not necessarily to install a lasting collection as with the regulars of the gallery but to encourage plastic surgeons from here to work in spite of everything and to confront the eyes of the public, amateur or collector “, explains the gallery owner of 15 rue Monseigneur-de-Baumont who is teeming with projects and is forced, like everyone else, to chomp on the brakes.
It is inaugurating, these days, a brand new sign as a new more precise landmark of its haunt which had passed under the label “Art Factory” for a few years near Sainte-Clotilde, before taking up the title “Australe” from its origins in Reunion, rue Victor-Mac-Auliffe near the Vérines barracks in Saint-Denis at the beginning of the millennium. We are delighted to note that, despite the vagaries of life that have not been lacking, this exhibition space widely open to creation, is in good hands and continues to exist, in this year 2021, despite the difficulties. .

Marine Dusigne

* “Exhibitions” to be seen at the Galerie Australe, 15 rue Mgr-de-Baumont in Saint-Denis, until March 27. Telephone 0262 098 080.

Amalie’s embellishment

MEET. She is the guest star of “Exhibitions”, this adopted Reunionese for decades who, in her studio at La Possession, and under the name of Amalie Léo, fully satisfies her shared passion between painting and calligraphy. It is the first material which, here, is shown, revealing part of a secret garden which overflows with color, harmony, an obvious spirituality, spirit and maturity.
“I came to painting when I was a little girl, growing up in a modest environment in Poitou-Charentes where there was no question, it would have been indecent, to talk about my spontaneous passion to reproduce the living, full land of colors and, for me, of joy “, confides the guest of the Galerie Australe, explaining that, as a high school student in Poitiers, rather than meeting her friends over a coffee, she preferred to run to the Beaux-Arts to take painting lessons or walk in nature to observe its gigantic palette and drink its tones which have since boosted his creativity. “The Fine Arts have only confirmed this almost sacred link which makes me vibrate with the colors of life”, further notes Amalie, one of the “Northern Lights” of whom we see here, inspired by a stay in Lapland with her daughter who dreamed of it, and who better than words convey the appetites for light of this self-taught artist. “The planet is so beautiful! Reunion Island is a magnificent example of this. Its colors make us touch the magic of life and their luminosity is enough to dazzle and enchant us, on closer inspection! A primordial question for the education of children than this observation … a principle that I ardently defend and which prompted me to train myself and also to teach “, adds the painter of the assembled paintings of a “City of gold” which also says a lot about her own capture of the light that she intends to leave in a form of abstraction for fear of deflowering its depths.

Light! The quest for the essential

“I paint what remains of my observations, in a refined way, to leave intact the substance of things that can change on the surface. A bit like the silence which allows me to get to the point and filter out superfluous noise”, adds in substance Amalie Léo who never ceases to seek the fairest path between what she feels and what she paints.
Ditto in calligraphy, with the same bulimia for the writings of the whole world, from which she learned the alphabets, the complicit signs of other stories of humanity, Tibetans, Arabs, Hebrews, Chinese … which all conceal the same foundations, the inviting further forward in their “exploration”. Another word that fits her like a glove and that she nurtures by putting her footsteps, through their writings, in those of the singer Alexandra David Néel or the visual artist Fabienne Verdier, great art travelers to reveal others. manners.
Its adventurous side to feel the energy of life as closely as possible. “Nothing trivial if I took advantage of the confinement to paint the City of Gold in its great widths, this pandemic prompting us to dive into our intuition of what is essential and what we want to live to be The rest of the time we are so subject to standards, models … which ignore innate talents, authenticity and simplicity, the true riches of life, that it is up to us to find. painting for me is one way. “



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