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“It’s decided, we will register it. The eye of this father sparkles. For long, very long, interminable minutes, Inaya, 8 years old, has been circling on her mini motorcycle. The girl, hanging on her electric mount, investigates the laps of the track on a course marked by the Thionville all-terrain motorcycle club: “I think she has bitten”, advances, smile on the lips, Dominique Toussaint.

The vice-president did not make the trip with his small bikes for nothing: “Like all clubs, the ambition is to rejuvenate our workforce,” he introduced. This operation gives us great visibility to promote our recent initiation pilot school. “

Ponies on the move

The leader can only be satisfied: this 2e edition of the associations forum, organized by the Municipal Sports Office (OMS), electrifies this sweet morning in Thionville. The heavyweights of the local associations have played the game: 35 of them are on the bridge, spread over two busy sites in the city center: the places Anne-Grommerch (as well as the rue de Paris) and Claude-Arnoult.

Boxers rub shoulders with basketball players, we can even see ponies from the Basse-Ham association, the Hamois Equids on a city trip: “For a small family structure like ours, it’s important to be here, observes Camille, riding instructor, before passing on a message. We have just acquired three new ponies. There are still a few places in our courses… ”Attract to recruit: the formula promises to pay off for associations concerned, in their great majority, to gain overweight.

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