Culture and deconfinement – The Festival de la Cité releases its plan B

Canceled, the 49e edition will be replaced by a reduced and redesigned event, entitled “Aux confins de la Cité”, from July 7 to 12.

The Festival de la Cité (here in 2019) drains up to 100,000 spectators. In its 2020 formula, the public will not exceed 5,000 people in total.


It will not be the Festival de la Cité as we know it, but another event called At the edge of VSity. The 49e edition of the flagship summer event in Lausanne has paid the price for the coronavirus, but its team has not given up. The revisited formula that she takes out of her hat will take place from July 7 to 12, according to a program and in places that have yet to be defined, but in strict compliance with health regulations. After the cold shower of the cancellation, the director of the festival, Myriam Kridi, speaks about it with enthusiasm, but without hiding the challenge that represents this new departure. We will not be able to find the centered and festive festival that we know. It will be a science eventfiction!

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