Cultural and Natural Heritage Day in Yanta District: Showcasing Intangible Cultural Heritage and Skills

At the event site, 15 intangible cultural heritage items including Yanta Knotting Sachets, Guanzhong Qinqiang Opera Masks, Yanta Cotton Bamboo Paintings, Xi’an Paper-cutting, Folk Auspicious Glutinous Rice Paintings, Fire Brush Heat Painting, Tang Liucai, and Egg Carving Skills gathered at the Yanta Intangible Cultural Heritage booth. The inheritors produced intangible cultural heritage works on the spot. The exquisite skills and exquisite works attracted many citizens and tourists to stop and watch.

On June 10, the 2023 “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” intangible cultural heritage publicity and display event with the theme of “Cultural Yanta Huacai Intangible Cultural Heritage” was held at the Cultural Center of Yanta District, Xi’an.

In order to allow citizens and tourists to “immersively” experience the intangible cultural heritage skills of the Yanta Pagoda and feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage at zero distance, this year’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Day launched the “Qifang Academy Cultural Industry Incubation Base of Xi’an Foreign Affairs University-Chime Bell Hall- There are two intangible cultural heritage tourism routes: Gaudi Bookstore—Zhengmeng Academy” intangible cultural heritage research and “Yanta District Cultural Center—Xingshan Temple West Street Gathering—Xi’an Sheep Culture Museum” intangible cultural heritage experience; set up intangible cultural heritage in Yannan Park In the exhibition area, a week of intangible cultural heritage experience interactive activities was carried out. At the same time, a series of activities such as “Promoting the Excellent Traditional Culture of China–Yanta Cultural Heritage Public Welfare Tour and Civilization Practice Mobile Classroom”, “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” prize-winning knowledge competition, and “Listening to intangible cultural heritage stories to learn traditional culture” were held.

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The biggest highlight of this event is the introduction of the first court embroidery species with a clear concept of style in Chinese history – “Cujin Embroidery”, a one-month clothing exhibition. It will introduce the Tang Dynasty court clothing and weaving technology in detail. The origin of history, embroidery techniques, protection status and future development, etc., I hope that more people can get close to intangible cultural heritage, experience intangible cultural heritage, fall in love with intangible cultural heritage, and inherit intangible cultural heritage.

The relevant person in charge of Yanta District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau introduced that in recent years, Yanta District has actively implemented the work policy of “protection first, rescue first, rational use, inheritance and development”, and has always insisted on improving the level of cultural heritage protection as a driving force. An important measure for the integrated development of culture and tourism, carry out in-depth protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, excavate and rationally utilize intangible cultural heritage resources, establish a complete provincial, municipal and district three-level intangible cultural heritage list system, and extensively carry out “cultural and natural heritage day” and “intangible cultural heritage day”. Activities such as “tourism promotion meeting”, “intangible cultural heritage into scenic spots” and “intangible cultural heritage into live broadcast room” have made great efforts to promote the intangible cultural heritage of Yanta to go abroad and go international. Let the intangible cultural heritage items bloom more charmingly from “living” to “igniting”.

China Business Daily reporter Qing Rongbo/Wen Deng Xiaowei/Picture

Source: – Huashang Daily

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