Cuban president calls to halt the outbreak

By Francisco Forteza (ANSA) – HAVANA, 09 GEN – President Miguel Díaz-Canel considered it “imperative” to cut the current high spread of Covid-19 in Cuba and attributed the most recent outbreak to the so-called imported cases that it represents “among 70 and 80% “

According to today’s report, another maximum number of infections was broken for one day since the pandemic began when 365 positive cases were detected on Friday, of which 352 are Cubans and the rest are foreigners.

There were 44 imported cases detected yesterday, that is, they arrived already infested from abroad. They came from the United States, Russia, Colombia and smaller figures from other nations

In the last 15 days, 1,261 cases were “imported” and 2,027 autochthonous

The president stressed that “it is imperative to cut the transmission of the SARS-COV-2 virus” after announcing a “transmission peak” of the coronavirus on the island on Thursday. That day 344 new infected were reported, a “record” lower than the one reported today

According to the analyzes presented by Díaz-Canel “between 70 and 80% of the people positive for PCR are linked to imported cases”

He explained that “in the individual responsibility and in that of the families of travelers arriving from abroad and other people linked to the cohabitants, is the key to drastically reduce the contagion of Covid-19 in the third outbreak of the epidemic,” according to was quoted by the official press

He considered that the current intensification of the epidemic in Cuba is caused by “the violation of hygienic-sanitary measures and the lack of respect for physical distancing and social isolation during the end of the year parties in which international travelers or their contacts participated. “

“Faced with this situation, faced with irresponsibility, we have to take extreme measures and we have to quickly resolve the current levels of contagion,” he warned

The measures have already been announced and consist primarily of returns from provinces and territories heavily affected to previous phases of fighting the epidemic

The island has developed a “new normal” process since last October amid efforts to control the spread of the virus while the economy cautiously reactivates

The situation became serious in December and January when the spread has spread throughout the country

Setbacks were reported in the stages of fighting the epidemic in Havana, the capital of about two million inhabitants, and the western provinces of Matanzas and Artemisa.In the east of the country, various territories returned to previous phases among these municipalities of Santiago de Cuba

The Ministry of Public Health drew attention that after the opening of Havana’s international airport, the largest in the country, in November, the epidemic worsened

A ministerial official stated on television that the outbreaks “have been related to violations” of the measures regarding arriving travelers and demanded compliance with the measures in addition to requesting popular complaints of the violations

Cuba had 14,188 infected with Covid-19 since the pandemic began, with 148 deaths. (ANSA)


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